Meet Yolandi Ntuli

Yolandi Ntuli has been a coordinator at Uptime Solutions in Johannesburg since 2009. An in-depth experience of life and working professionally is a huge help in the job.
Yolandi Ntuli
Yolandi Ntuli

Yolandi Ntuli is one of total of 11 coordinators who works in shifts around the clock, 365 days a year. The work calls for a high level of stress management. Coordinators need good simultaneous language skills, strong social competence and the ability to speak as many languages as possible.

The internal training programme includes technical product training and learning advanced software tools. It takes about six months for a coordinator to be fully trained.

Yolandi Ntuli is one of the most experienced team members.

“I love going the extra mile to ensure that a broken-down truck is repaired as quickly and smoothly as possible, “she says.

It’s incredibly important that the team speaks so many languages, since they are often in direct contact with the drivers.

“We need their help to describe the problem and this often has to be done in the driver’s mother tongue,” she says.

Yolandi Ntuli works for the most part in English and Zulu, the largest African language in South Africa, but she can also manage a few others.

“I didn’t have an automotive engineering background. But today when I hear a driver describe his problem, I often have a fairly good idea of what’s going on. It’s great to be the person who helps solve a problem,” she says.

Name: Yolandi Ntuli
Education: Diploma in Media Studies & Journalism, National  &  Intermediate Certificates in Bussiness Studies
Position: Coordinator
Organization: Uptime Solutions Centre
Location: Johannesburg, Southern Africa

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