Volvo Group packaging system

The Volvo Group packaging system is a fully managed range of packaging which mainly supports the Volvo production environment. The system is open for sub-tier suppliers sending to first tier Volvo suppliers. In specific cases, the Volvo system also supports external packaging flows which contribute to lowering the Total Cost of Ownership for Volvo.

Packaging Efficiency

Having good packaging that protects your goods is, of course, an obvious requirement. But it is also extremely important that the packaging is optimized for every stage of your production process, and that the packaging system supports lean production. Available load capacity must be utilized efficiently, empty runs minimized and maintenance handled correctly.

The Volvo Group packaging system is open for packaging users who require packaging volumes in their own tier Volvo supply chain. Volvo also promotes packaging flows that offer synergies for Volvo in a global context and which increase the efficiency of the Volvo packaging pool system.

Regardless of whether you choose our standardized packaging systems or an individual tailored solution, we make sure your goods are transported trouble-free, economically, safely and with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Packaging management

Our packaging systems are truly global, which means we can serve all production facilities around the world. You can easily follow the packaging flow and gain full control of your packaging materials through our web based management system.

Packaging system

Our packaging system is modular and the range includes our innovative and space-saving plastic boxes as well as traditional wooden pallets. The system tracks actual consumption of packaging by site, thereby ensuring correct and customized follow-up which enables you to track and keep control of your packaging usage.


V-EMB large foldable containers

V-EMB Large Foldable Containers is a series of plastic and steel containers specially developed and designed for the automotive industry. They are easy to assemble, have good collapsibility ratio, allow ergonomic handling and are stackable when filled. The containers are fully compatible with V-EMB pallets and unit lids and available through the Volvo Group Logistics Services global packaging management system. The large foldable containers are currently available for use within the European market. Global usage can be evaluated on request.

Large foldable containers (PDF, 0.3MB)

V-EMB small plastic containers

V-EMB small plastic containers from Volvo Group Logistics Services is one of the industry's smartest and most efficient packaging systems. These unique, stackable, nestable containers can save up to 75% of space when stored and shipped empty, allowing you to achieve optimal ergonomics and cost savings. The modular system comprises two series of packaging: StackNest ranging from 5.0 to 10.9 litres of inner volume and SmallBox ranging from 15.7 to 78.9 litres.

The containers are made of heavy-duty material and have smooth, label-friendly surfaces. They are reused and compatible with V-EMB pallets and unit lids. All packaging types are available through the Volvo Group Logistics Services global packaging management system.

Small plastic containers (PDF, 0.6MB)

V-EMB modular containers

V-EMB modular containers is a modular system comprising containers in a wide range of sizes. They have a good collapsibility ratio, thereby allowing excellent space utilization during transport of empties. The pallet frames can be combined in different heights giving you high flexibility and cost-effective usage. The V-EMB modular container system is available through Volvo Group Logistics Services global packaging management system.

Wooden Packaging – Pallets, Frames and Lids (modular containers) (PDF, 0.2 MB)

Packaging User Agreements