Corporate Contribution

We drive prosperity through transport solutions. Our engagement with society focuses on activities that contribute positively to communities where we are present, by using our expertise and our unique assets. We support employee engagement in community activities especially focusing on road traffic safety, environmental care and education. Sometimes that is not enough. In times of need such as natural disasters, pandemics and other emergencies, we may provide monetary corporate donations and in-kind contributions, and support employee initiated voluntary initiatives.

Many societal concerns are too big for us to handle alone, but our skills, technology and corporate contributions can be used to support the transformation we strive for and make business succeed and societies thrive. We strive for deepened collaborations to support the creation of resilient societies in uncertain times.

Partnerships and donations

Disaster relief

The Volvo Group has a dedicated disaster relief fund for corporate donations in relation to emergencies such as natural disasters.

Seasonal gift

The Volvo Group has a yearly seasonal charitable gift to support our regional market organizations in their societal projects. This corporate contribution gives support to resolving societal challenges aiming to create prosperity in communities.

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