Our Colleagues

Our colleagues are what makes us an industry leader today and the shaper of tomorrow’s society. Today the industry is facing significant technology shifts and new business models are being introduced. This creates considerable competence shifts and the need for new skills to be defined.

We want to attract the best talents to our teams and we aim to be as competitive ten years from now as we are today. 

Competence and skills

We know that being able to develop ignites people’s passion and therefore learning is part of our culture in all career stages and we let growth come in many shapes. The overall ambition is to tap into the potential from every employee and use our individual and collective strengths to perform our current business and to transform into tomorrow’s business needs.

To realize the need, we have our very own corporate university as well as local training centers. We are proud of being the employer of choice, attracting and retaining the talent we need and we will continue to develop our colleagues and focus on re-skilling activities to meet these new demands.

Diversity and inclusion

In the Volvo Group, we know that an inclusive work environment unlocks the hidden potential of diversity and drives performance by enriching our creativity, allowing us to be more innovative and improving our decision making. Each of us has a different background and experiences that bring valuable and unique perspectives. Leveraging this diversity is essential for business success, as it allows all employees to release their passion and contribute to their full potential.

Different countries, regions and markets face different challenges related to diversity and inclusion. This is why we have local and business specific inclusion and diversity goals. To work proactively to attract and retain colleagues from the whole talent pool is a must. Women are underrepresented in the automotive industry, and in the Volvo Group we strive to recruit, retain, and advance more women. We have now set a target to have 35% female leaders by 2030. 

Our culture

At Volvo Group, we are proud of our inclusive work environment, which fosters a supportive energy and encourages individual growth and strong teams. Unwelcome conduct that creates an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment has no place here. Instead, we encourage and expect mutual respect – among colleagues and between our company and our business partners.

We must also understand how our unconscious biases can impact managerial decision making. Actions will be taken to reinforce our zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination and to mitigate unconscious biases. Employment decisions like hiring, pay, promotion, discipline, termination, or working conditions should be based on position requirements and a person’s ability or performance, not on irrelevant personal factors. We continue our work to develop attractive and fair working conditions built on equality. We firmly believe in equal opportunities and offering equal pay for equal work.

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