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The Lyon hub is our latest addition opened in 2022. CampX Lyon is located close to testing facilities with 400m² including innovation center, animation area and much more to enable an innovative and productive arena. Lyon is the regional capital and has over 2.1 million inhabitants in the urban area and offers an attractive environment in which to set up and develop companies. Lyon occupies a place among the European top 10  most innovative cities, and amongst the 20 best cities in the world for innovation.

To be present with CampX in Lyon is a great opportunity for Volvo Group to have partnership and accelerate business through innovation.  

There are three focus areas for CampX Lyon among the core strategies of the main entities of the Volvo Group in Lyon, from Renault Trucks to GTT and the EMD Business Unit.  The focus will be on urban solutions in front of the ever-growing cities, sustainability to shape the world we want to live in and uptime & productivity, to serve our customers

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Our Team in Lyon

Marc Bourgeois

Lead CampX hub Lyon

Fabienne Rouvet

CampX Coordinator

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