Thesis in system simulation using Model-Based Systems Engineering

In GTT we are developing vehicles of the future, to create sustainable transport solutions for our customers. One of the challenges we are facing is combining hardware and software to match and enhance each other. Several groups in the organization have developed their environments to support their development in the best way using different software in the loop (SIL) solutions.

At Digital Engineering we are responsible for developing the tools and methods needed for product development. A need is raised to bring the different SIL solutions closer together. The aim is to use Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to better understand how we are working with SIL and how we can develop further and bring the different SIL solutions closer together.

Suitable background
Automation and Mechatronics, Engineering Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

Description of thesis work
We are looking for 2 talented students with knowledge of MBSE and an interest in software development and SIL.

We are offering an exciting opportunity to model the SIL landscape together with us.

The main task of the thesis is to use MBSE to describe the different SIL environments. The aim is to find ways of bringing the environments closer together by sharing language, information, data and interfaces for interaction between the different groups in the organization.

You are expected to describe how the targets above can be reached using MBSE and to develop a proposal for a common ontology for the area of SIL. You will use PTC tools to create the MBSE models.

The detailed tasks will be formed together with you.

Thesis Level: Master

Language: English

Starting date: Feb 2022

Number of students: 2

Malin Hållstedt, Business Sub- Portfolio Manager CAE, (
Anna Vainio, Improvement Leader CAE, (

Kindly note that due to GDPR, we will not accept applications via mail. Please use our career site.

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Cloud Engineer - Volvo group Connected Solutions IT, 정보기술 Göteborg, 스웨덴 게시됨: 
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