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Are you a brave problem solver that works proactively to find continues improvements and solutions to a variety of challenges? Are you an active listener and interested in understanding others? Are you willing to be part of our team as a team player with a lot of energy, passion and a positive attitude? Then please continue to read because you might very well be the one we are looking for!

Whether our people work in an office, factory, warehouse, customer center or dealership, in Volvo Group Real Estate we create work environments where people thrive, every day. It is our ambition to create industry leading work environments, secure an optimized property portfolio and deliver high quality services and projects. We are a global team of about 300 real estate professionals, acting as true business partners to all our stakeholders. We support Volvo Group in 60 different countries and 635 sites, throughout the entire property lifecycle, from acquisition to divestment. We believe we can always learn and improve, and we know this is best done together.

At Group Real Estate (GRE) we have decided to be the business partner in securing performance and driving transformation for the Volvo Group. To be able to fulfill our target image, we will focus on the excellence in Business Control – and your contribution will be crucial!

The central business control team is a highly engaged group of experts within the business control areas, situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are the business control team that provides expertise, advice and best practices. ​We challenge local financial performance, and we consolidate it into a global context. ​We enable proactivity and well-founded decision making through analysis and visual management.​ You will report to the Vice President Business Control & Deputy in GRE.

In this job you will globally lead and provide guidance concerning the impact of investments and divestments (property transactions) to support the Volvo Group business objectives and values. Our property transaction projects are either driven as an isolated property transaction or in the context of a larger M&A project driven on a global or regional level.

You are responsible for the financial analysis when part of a property transaction project and as a business controller you are an active business partner towards our colleagues. You are expected to drive your own tasks independently, and when needed seek information and support from colleagues. You are the speaking partner when it comes to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS) within GRE Business control towards Financial Control & Accounting (FCA), Corporate tax, the operations and our internal GRE Business Controllers.

You are also an expert in the legal company structure for Group Real Estate companies in Sweden including the long-term plan for managing the structure according to the Volvo Group principles.

What you will focus on:
  • Active participation in property transaction projects and secure financial aspects (business case development and quality assurance, price calculations, accounting, VAT, tax etc.)
  • Having a close dialogue with Corporate tax
  • Contract reviews in property transaction projects with special focus on the financials
  • Take part in projects related to property transaction tool and systems
  • Provide relevant and thorough financial analysis and insights related to transactions
  • Provide guidance concerning investments and divestments (property transactions)
  • Responsible to drive trainings, best practice sharing and feedback on a global level through established forums, e.g. conduct training/information sharing in new legal requirements or new IFRS rules applicable for Group Real Estate.
  • Be an active part of the Business Control team and contribute to a strong team spirit where engagement and fun at work is a key ingredient.
To be successful in this position you have a lot of energy and drive to develop and analyze performance. Our Volvo values are a natural part of who you are and you work closely together with our colleagues to increase engagement and improve our ways of working. A good business mindset and holistic approach is important. You need to be flexible, well organized – with an eye for details - and have strong analytical skills. You earn others trust and respect through consistent and honest professionalism in all interactions.

Required knowledge/experience
We are looking for someone who has experience from business control and property transactions. Experience from finance systems is important as well as a high level of professionalism.

To be successful in this position we would also like to see the following knowledge/experience:
  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration (or similar).
  • 5+ years working experience in the business control field.
  • General real estate knowledge and 8+ years of work experience within the property transaction area.
  • Excellent computer skills and knowledge/ability to work in various systems/tools, especially SAP Master Finance.
If you are interested in this position we would also like you to add in your application what accomplishment, personal or business wise, you have been most proud of during the last year.

Are you an analytical person who likes to understand the business development and how to improve? Do you work as a true business partner in your daily work? Well, then you are a good match and we want you to be part of our team! We cannot promise you an effortless job, but we can promise you some really skilled colleagues and some truly exciting challenges to work with. We want you to prosper and be happy, because when you succeed, we succeed. We are eager to learn from you and you will get the opportunity to learn and develop with us. So, if you are a person who is flexible, who rather see challenges as positive and are ready to take some actions? Then we are hoping to hear from you!

At Group Real Estate we are actively working to establish teams that will take maximum advantage of the strength inherent in differences in knowledge, experience, age, gender and nationality, etc. We find that well balanced working groups increase group dynamics, creativity and new approaches to solutions.

Location: The location of the position is in Gothenburg, Sweden

Travel: Occasional travelling will be required

Hiring Manager, Frida Ahlerup Verdin, VP Business Control & Deputy in GRE, +46 31 3228928
Niklas Erhardsson, VP HR & Communication in GRE, +46 31 3235765

Kindly note that due to GDPR, we will not accept applications via mail. Please use our career site.

The Volvo Group drives prosperity through transport solutions, offering trucks, buses, construction equipment, power solutions for marine and industrial applications, financing and services that increase our customers’ uptime and productivity. Founded in 1927, the Volvo Group is committed to shaping the future landscape of sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions. Countless career opportunities are offered across the group’s leading brands and entities that share a culture of Trust, Passion, High Performance, Change and Customer Success. 

As employees, every day of our working lives, we utilize the Volvo Group properties and the associated facility management services as part of our day to day routine. Group Real Estate provides quality buildings and facility management services that support Volvo Group's identity, safety and environmental care within a cost-efficient framework. This is crucial in order to allow the Volvo Group to manufacture products and deliver services required by our end customers. Group Real Estate is organized in seven divisions and three functions.

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