Group Manager for “Product Cybersecurity Infrastructure Capabilities”

Are you the kind of person who is passionate about cybersecurity and implementation of cybersecurity mechanisms? Would you like to use your passion in the automotive industry and be part of the cybersecurity vehicle type approval? Would you like to work in a great team with competent and helpful colleagues?

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The Team

Our team, “Cybersecurity Infrastructure Capabilities and Type approval” is in the heart of a great transformation. We work with developing and improving our product cybersecurity management system (PCSMS) in a continues manner along with releasing cybersecurity infrastructure requirements (also called CS Basetech Requirements), supporting teams to do high level attack vector analysis and vehicle TARA analysis to facilitate releasing work products according to state of the arts such as ISO/SEA 21434 and UNECE 155.
We are also coordinating the CS work across whole organization at Group Truck Technology (GTT).

The development around cybersecurity is fast, furious, and fun and we are evolving rapidly!

Our mission is to develop and maintain our product cybersecurity management system ‘s instructions, guidelines; provide cybersecurity architect and concept and release needed Cybersecurity infrastructure requirements to ensure implementation of cybersecurity concept. We are therefore, looking for a Group Manager that can drive and develop one of our teams within department “Cybersecurity and Functional Safety” called “Cybersecurity Infrastructure Capabilities and Type approval” team into the future. In this role you act as team manager and Product Owner (PO) which means that you support the team from a technical point of view and provide enablers for execution of activities.

The main responsibilities entailed in this role are:
  • Leading and continuously developing the people in the group to deliver according to committed deliveries
  • Creating a strategic action plan and achieving the outlined objectives
  • Creating a strategic roadmap to release CS infrastructure requirements aligned to cybersecurity concept and architect
  • Ensuring the product cybersecurity posture by considering interfaces to IT security.
  • Coach team members in the daily activities and secure necessary pre-requisites for a successful execution of responsibilities and on their personal development
  • Participate in relevant concept selections and create an environment of knowledge sharing
  • Be responsible for the budget & cost estimates of the team and also represent department in large for certain initiatives
  • Ensure that the cybersecurity concept is in place and corresponding cybersecurity specification are released for the projects in a superset framework.
Who are you!

In this role you will create an efficient and trustful day-to-day operation. You have proven experience as a leader and excel in demonstrating the Volvo Group values. It is important that you have an innovative and creative mind-set in order to inspire and challenge your organization. You also have a true can-do attitude, a strong quality focus and a personal drive to reach the objectives and targets set for your unit, understanding how these contribute to the Volvo Group vision and strategy.

We believe this is a position for a person that has the ability to work under demanding conditions and to create a successful working climate in these situations. As a person, you have a broad technical know-how combined with very good people skills and a strong belief in agile methods. You have a strong ability to inspire, develop and motivate individuals and teams.

Required qualifications:
  • PhD or Master of Science in Computer Science, Electronics or equivalent
  • Previous experience from line or project management
  • Documented experience in at least one of these areas: functional safety concept design, architect design or cybersecurity concept design.
  • Knowledge within ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE 155
  • Experience in agile methods
  • Previous experience in Functional safety work according to ISO 26262 is a plus.
As Volvo leader & Group Manager you are expected to:
  • Have an open multi-brand and multi-cultural mindset
  • Have a solid technical interest about technical concept and architect work
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have the ability to drive for results and to take own initiatives and drive certain actions on your own leadership and empowerment
  • Have excellent prioritization skills and ability to eliminate roadblocks
  • Be business and customer oriented
  • Have an inspiring leadership and find it rewarding to manage co-workers to perform their best
  • Have a leadership characterized by managerial courage, a high level of integrity, trust & fairness

Curious? Want to join the team?

Then send your application as soon as possible. We’d love to hear from you and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Mahshad Mahally, Director Cybersecurity&Functional Safety

At Volvo Group Trucks Technology, we are actively working to establish teams that will take maximum advantage of the strength inherent in differences, in knowledge, experience, age, gender, and nationality, etc. Customer Success, Trust, Passion, Change, and Performance are the values that guides us.

Kindly note that due to GDPR, we will not accept applications via mail. Please use our career site.

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