Thermal Management Deairation systems

Thermal Management system needs deaireation system.​

Include thermal management system for Industry, Marine, EMOB and fuel cell. ​

Aims to deliver most suitable deaireation systems for each segment.​

Functions to minimize time for a full deaireated thermal management system.

Suitable background
M.Sc, Fluid beavior, thermodynamic
Description of thesis work
  • Market analysis.​
  • What technology are to be used.​
  • What parameters must be considered when designing deairation system.​
  • How to efficient hose routing and diameters.​
  • Investigate conditions for hose dimension, coolant flow and hose slopes to transport air. Physical test.
  • Proposal of product / solution EMOB marine (case study).​
  • Design guideline for expansion tank for different segments.​
  • How to calculate internal volumes in expansion tank?

Thesis Level: Master of Science
Starting date:
January 2024
Number of students:

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