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Who are we?
Service Market Logistics (SML) is part of Group Trucks Operations. We are an organization of approximately 4,200 employees in more than 40 locations globally. Every day, we are delivering world class operational excellence for our customers, based on smart logistics solutions. Our job is to develop, manage and optimize the Service Market supply chain for all Volvo Group brands and JV’s. The scope for Service Market Logistics includes Supply Chain Optimization, Inventory Management, Distribution Center operations, Customs & Trade as well as the development of logistics solutions to ensure the highest possible parts availability, delivery precision and quality everywhere in the world. We strive for an innovative and diverse workplace, living the Volvo Group values with high focus on customer success.

We are now looking for a Digital Developer / Service Market Planner in the Demand and Inventory Planning (DIP) team in Lyon.
We have a collaborative environment and explorative mindset in our organization that is quite unique – and now you have the opportunity to join us!

We are on a fantastic journey where we are exploring new technologies and solutions with the aim of developing a future competitive edge for the Volvo Group. You will play an important role in creating the supply chain of the future.

Are you passionate about delivering excellent customer service and driving business performance through utilizing digital technologies and insights based on data? Do you want to be part of a diverse and global team? Are you excited at the prospect of driving industry best-in-class supply network management performance? As part of our team; you can.

Main responsibilities
As an Operational Planner you are responsible for the replenishment of some of our Distribution Centers in the world. You are responsible for spare parts availability, inventory management and rush transport analysis. A central part of the responsibility is to understand and visualize our performance as well as take corrective actions when deviating from targets.

You will be our speaking partner to colleagues in the Distribution Centers and Business Area and you will take lead to proactively find solutions to existing or future challenges, in close collaboration with our colleagues.
The team takes an active part in improving the day to day work. Continuous Improvement is a focused area with upcoming challenges where you will play an important role. Because the role is versatile and our function is included in many aspects of the supply chain there is the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience into many different areas.

We are in the midst of a transformation journey; utilizing the possibilities of big data and advanced analytics. While this position consists of critical operational tasks, there is also great opportunity for personal growth in areas such as machine learning and microservice development in our upcoming cloud native planning solution.
To contribute to our team development, you need to be self-driven and take ownership and drive cross functional initiatives.

Who are you?
You are great at communicating and collaborating to reach the goals you set, whether it’s internally in our team or with your colleagues on the other side of the globe. You take ownership and responsibility for your work and take great pride in serving our customers.

In addition, you are passionate about exploring new concepts and broadening your horizon. You are not necessarily an expert in all the technical aspects of our work, but you have a strong determination and a keen mindset to learn and develop.

Examples of the areas where we want you to either already have some experience or have a strong interest to explore:
  • Python, Java and SQL programming preferably in the cloud,
  • Azure, DevOps and agile working methods,
  • AI and/or machine learning,
  • Collaborating across organizational boundaries and levels to get results.

We need you to have strong analytic skills. You like to work with large amount of data to perform in-depth analyses and you have the ability to present the result of the analysis in a comprehensible manner. Experience within logistics and inventory management from studying or work is highly meriting as this is the core of our business.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me;

Did you know? For many years, as a “disability friendly” company, Renault Trucks SAS has been committed to including people with disabilities in our professional environment.

The Volvo Group drives prosperity through transport solutions, offering trucks, buses, construction equipment, power solutions for marine and industrial applications, financing and services that increase our customers’ uptime and productivity. Founded in 1927, the Volvo Group is committed to shaping the future landscape of sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions. Countless career opportunities are offered across the group’s leading brands and entities that share a culture of Trust, Passion, High Performance, Change and Customer Success. 

A new era is here. Technologies such as big data, automation and artificial intelligence are changing the way we look at manufacturing and logistics. Volvo Group Trucks Operations is the organization responsible for truck manufacturing and logistics within the Volvo Group and is shaping future industries.

Volvo Group Trucks Operations encompasses all production of the Group’s engines and transmissions as well as the production of Volvo, Renault and Mack trucks. The organization is also responsible for spare parts supplies to the Group’s customers and for designing, operating and optimizing logistics and supply chains for all brands. Together, Volvo Group Trucks Operations represents 30,000 employees at 30 plants and 50 distribution centers across the globe. Our global industrial footprint offers an opportunity for an international career in a state-of-the-art industrial environment, in which continuous improvement is the foundation. Join our teams as well!

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