Thesis work: Universal Drive Cycles for Marine Vessels with Electric D

Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of engines and complete power systems for marine and industrial applications. Volvo Penta has developed a global leadership and one of the industry’s strongest brands.

Background of thesis project

Battery capabilities need to match Volvo Penta customer expectations for which they need to be evaluated against defined usage conditions. This is typically done using simulations of known usage profiles representing defined usage categories. ​

“We are looking for a WLTP equivalent for electrified marine products!”

Suitable background

You should possess these qualifications:
  • Data analysis​
  • Controls Engineering​
  • Electrical Engineering​
Description of thesis work

  • Develop drive cycles for battery systems representing Volvo Penta marine customers and their intended use.​

First step​
  • Identify various marine applications and scenarios (BEV, HEV, large, small, hot climate, cold climate etc)​
Categorize the various applications and usage scenarios in manageable amount of categories​

Second step​
  • For each category define representative conditions for majority of use cases.​
  • Define expected usage patterns and create representative "drive cycle" for ESS system.​
  • Evaluate newly defined drive cycles against existing Volvo Penta products.​
Thesis Level: Master Level (30 ECTS points)
Language: English
Starting date: January 2024
Number of students: 1-2

Karin Carlsson (
A mentor will be assigned

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