Intern,IT Application Developer-TianJin


1、 遵循系统框架

Adhere to system framework

2、 遵守编码规则

Respect and follow coding rules

3、 系统编码和测试

System coding and testing.

4、 开发系统文件, 用户培训材料和工作指导书

Develop system documentation, user training materials and work instruction

5、 识别改进机会, 优化系统性能

Identify the improvement opportunity and optimize the performance of system

6、 分析业务需求并提供完善的系统解决方案

Analyze business requirements and provide sound system solutions

7、 知识转移到应用管理团队

Knowledge transfer to application management team


1. 本科及/或硕士学历, 包含但不限于计算机、自动化、电气工程、信息技术等专业

Bachelor and/or Master degree with majors in, but not limited to, computer, automation, electrical engineering, information technology, etc..

2. 较强的沟通能力

Strong communication skill

3. 良好的学习敏捷性, 较强的 IT 职业发展兴趣

Good learning agility, strong interesting in IT career development.

4. 对MS SQL server, Mobile开发技术 (iOS 或者Android), Web 开发技术(如. Net、ASP.Net、JavaScript、HTML5、C#)和开发工具(如 Visual Studio)有较多理解和较丰富经验者优先

Good understanding and experiences in MS SQL server, mobile development (iOS, Android), web-based development such as .Net, ASP.Net, JavaScript, HTML5, C#, and development tools such as Visual Studio is a big plus

The Volvo Group drives prosperity through transport solutions, offering trucks, buses, construction equipment, power solutions for marine and industrial applications, financing and services that increase our customers’ uptime and productivity. Founded in 1927, the Volvo Group is committed to shaping the future landscape of sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions. Countless career opportunities are offered across the group’s leading brands and entities that share a culture of Trust, Passion, High Performance, Change and Customer Success. 

Group Digital & IT has the ambition to enable value creation at scale for the Volvo Group. Digital solutions are becoming more and more key in the industries, where we are operating. The solutions and emerging technologies, provided by Group Digital & IT, enable our customers and their customers to do more with less, better for others and best for the future.

We are 3,600 employees located in more than 30 countries, present at all major Volvo Group locations, and we are working in a completely global organization.

In Group Digital & IT we strive for something bigger, we are truly customer centric, and we collaborate with inclusion, together cross the Volvo Group. We learn to stay ahead, we are curious and eager to acquire new and deeper knowledge, both as individuals and as teams.

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