Mechanic 测试技师

Job Summary:

Mechanical work activities on construction equipment machinery for machines /components assembly and support testing in order to support new product development and product support work.

Job Content:

1. Main Tasks/ Responsibilities / Authorities:
• Follow the working instructions (or drawings) and ME engineer to do the machines / components assembly/disassembly, rebuilding and inspection work
• 根据工作指导书(或图纸)和工艺工程师的指导,完成 整机/零部件的装配/拆解,产品升级装配和检验工作
• Support the test of machine and component with the guide of test engineer
• 在测试工程师的指导下,完成整机和零部件的测试工作
• Machine operator
• 工程机械车辆驾驶
• Rig driver
• 测试台架操作
• Test equipment installation and operation.
• 测试设备的安装和使用
• Machine maintenance regularly
• 定期的工程车辆维护保养
• Workshop tooling / equipment maintenance regularly
• 定期的车间使用工具/设备的维护保养
• Workshop 5S work.
• 车间5S工作
• Workshop continually improvement works.
• 车间的持续改进工作
• Authority to stop any works due to safety and environmental care reason
• 有权制止车间内任何违反安全操作规程和环境保护的行为或事件
• Secure Volvo Group’s Quality, Safety & Health, Environmental Policy and code of condact are implemented。
• 确保遵守沃尔沃集团的质量,安全,健康和环保的政策和行为规范。
• To support some EHS document and othe other job for the workshop and EHS manager.
• 辅助车间经理做EHS文档和具体管理工作。

2. Key Skills:
• Must to have knowledge and skill on reading drawing,machine assembly et
• Be familiar with WL,Excavator or Compactor driving.
• Having knowledge and skill on welding, machining, electrical technician etc is a plus.
• Having knowledge and skill of test equipment installation, software program, rig driving etc is a plus.
能有测试设备安装,测试软件使用, 测试台架操作等技能更好。
• At least one license of welding license/ electrician license/ forklift license is needed.
• Be familiar with problem solving。
• Basic knowledge and skill on MS office software, such as word, ppt and excel. 能基本操作常用的办公软件: Word , Excel ,PPT 等。
• The mindset of safety and environmental care
• Teamwork.
• English is a plus.

3. Education & Experience:

• High school or above 高职或专科以上
• Mechanical engineering, E&E, Computer related major
• Above 3 years’ work experience 3年以上工作经验

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