Thesis Work - Fluidborne noise characterization of a hydraulic pump

MSc Thesis proposal at Volvo Group
(60 ECTS credits, 40 weeks, One student) / (30 ECTS credits, 20 weeks, Two students)

Fluidborne noise characterization of a hydraulic pump

The commercial vehicle industry is shifting from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to EDU (Electric Driving Units) as a propulsion mean, resulting in lower noise emission in society and a quieter environment for the driver. However, without the noise masking effect from the ICE, requirements on using silent components like hydraulic pumps for PTO (Power Take off) and Steering are becoming stricter. Pump noise can occur due to pressure pulsations travelling in the oil when the pump is a work. The pressure pulsations will induce structureborne and eventually airborne noise.
A hydraulic pump can be characterized by its source impedance and source strength, which are both inherent properties. This means that under a given operating condition (rpm, pressure drop and temperature), source impedance and source strength are independent on the system into which the pump is installed.
In this master’s thesis, we aim at performing measurement on a test bench in order to derive source impedance and source strength, by following ISO standard 10767. One goal of the thesis is to provide the derived source impedance and source strength as input data to a CAE model of a hydraulic system and assess the agreement between measurements and simulation.

Your profile:
  • One or two Master’s student in mechanical, applied physics or electrical engineering, or from the “sound and vibration” program. For better synergy, students from different educational programs are very welcome
  • Knowledge in MATLAB or Python
  • Good knowledge in linear algebra, signal processing
  • Good hands-on capability and knowledge in measurement technique

The Master of Science Thesis work will be performed at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Industry supervisors: Frédéric Wullens and Erik Sjögren at Volvo GTT
University supervisors: TBD

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