Corporate Social Responsibility

March 2014

New ethical requirements for suppliers. 

Volvo Group was one of the first companies to sign the United Nation's Global Compact initiative, ten principles designed to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 1996, the Volvo Group started imposing demands on its supplier's environmental performance. In 2006, ethical requirements were introduced and as of 1 October 2009 the updated requirements will be implemented.

As part of our CSR program we ask you to update your organization's self-assessment on Volvo Supplier Information Base. If you do not have access to the Volvo Supplier Information Base, please use the self-assessment form at Volvo Group Supplier Portal and return it to your purchase contact within  the Volvo Group. If you are a NAP supplier you will get a link to VeSA to fill in the assessment.

Please update your self-assessment within a month.

The result of your self-assessment will be used in our sourcing process.

In the  "Our requirement area"  area,  you find the self-assessment and an Action Plan  under CSR.

In the "Key Information" you find the Key Element Procedures and the updated binder called KEP 6,  containing the ethical  requirements. In the same area you also find Key Element Procedure, KEP 5, environmental  requirements. Please make sure that the self-assessment on your Environmental performance is updated as well. For VGNAP suppliers : use the VGNAP environmental self-assessment.

For further information about CSR or Environment in Purchasing, please contact  the buyer you normally have contact with, or


Lennart Bohman, Group Trucks Technology (CSR)
Peter Hjertqvist, Group Trucks Technology (Environment)
Andreas Nilsson, Volvo Construction Equipment
Daniela Jidhage, Group Trucks Operations
Thien Hoang, Volvo Penta 
Anette Lejon, Volvo Bus 
Ulrika Thureson, Volvo Merchandise
Amela Karamehmedovic, Volvo Information Technology
Malin Ripa, Volvo Group Headquarters