IMDS reporting/ Substance Tracking

The Volvo Group works actively to eliminate harmful substances from the products. In order to track and follow up on substances of concern, material declarations are requested for new designed parts. The reporting of material datasheets (MDS) declaring the material and substance content of a part is done in IMDS (International Material Datasystem).

The MDS reporting requirement for product parts is also important for Volvo in order to secure the compliance with the European REACH regulation as well as other product- and chemical legislation worldwide.

To enable MDS reporting of Volvo parts the supplier must registered the person(s) in charge of substances reporting in the Volvo Supplier Portal.

How to register to Substance Tracking application
(see Substance tracking PDF instruction below for details)

1: Retrieve your company ID in IMDS system. (See instruction paragraph 4.2)

2: Get registered to Volvo supplier portal through your Volvo contact.

3: Register a Substance tracking user in the supplier portal. (See instruction paragraph 4.1.1)

4: Fill in the Substance tracking settings. (See instruction paragraph 4.1.2)

When a MDS reporting is requested this requirement is included in the Part Version Report with an associated Volvo Standard (STD 100-0006) providing you with more information.
On the public pages of you can find general information such as IMDS system requirements, reporting recommendations, training courses calendar, e-learning, online registration and automotive news.

For Volvo Group specific IMDS reporting requirements, please see the Substance Tracking PDF instruction below.

If your company is in the need of further IMDS training we recommend contacting IMDS Professional. IMDS Professional provides IMDS courses at different levels and organizes seminars in many European countries. For more information and training schedules please refer to

If any environmental, functional or technical questions about the substance and material reporting to Volvo Group, please contact us according to your Volvo purchasing organization:

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