Supplier Form

If you are interested in becoming a Volvo Supplier, you have to provide us details about your company and its products or services.

We propose you to download and fill in the word document below and send it to the right purchasing department.

Supplier Form

Volvo Group Purchasing

 A worldwide Business Unit supporting the Truck Business Area's within the Volvo Group. Below are purchasing departments

Volvo Sourcing Vehicle

Volvo Vehicle is responsible for developing vehicle components and systems to the Truck Companies such as Cab, Chassis & Vehicle dynamics, Electrical/Electronic within the Volvo Group.

Volvo Sourcing Common Components

Volvo Common Components is responsible for development, manufacturing, sourcing such as Casting, Plastic and Rubber, Fastening and Forging and Sheet Metal.

Volvo Sourcing Powertrain

Volvo Powertrain is the Volvo Group Strategic Center for powertrain issues. The scope covers complete powertrain systems, components such as engines, transmissions and axles.

IPS (Indirect Products and services)

It is a global procurement organization sourcing indirect goods and services for all entities in the Volvo Group.

Volvo Group Construction Equipment

Volvo CE offers products, spare parts and services are for a number of different applications including general construction, road construction and maintenance, forestry, demolition, waste handling, material handling and extraction.

Volvo Group Bus

Volvo Bus is a worldwide bus producer and are sourcing in areas like Body (interior & exterior), Chassis, Electric and Vehicle dynamics.

Volvo Group Logistics Services

If you are interested in participating in our selection process, please send a mail to Administration VLC Suppliers mailbox. The quality and the completeness of your mail will be a key element in our decision to involve you in the next steps of the selection process. Based on your mail, we will assess the potential for a future collaboration. In that case, you will receive a Request for Information.