Time Sensitive Network (TSN) Configurations in Real-Time System

Abstract & background:
IEEE Time-sensitive networking (TSN) standards are the extension of the IEEE Ethernet standards to support high-bandwidth and low-latency real-time communication. TSN standards are promising solutions to be applied in various real-time domains, for example the automotive domain [1]. Designing dependable real-time networks based on TSN standards requires various analyses that must be performed, in terms of behavior, timing and scheduling.
As TSN provides various features, including the credit-based shaper, time-aware shaper, preemption, clock synchronization, etc, configuration of such networks is a challenging task. Each configuration can provide a benefit depending on the use case. In this thesis work, the student(s) will investigate the effects of various configuration modes [2] on the overall performance of the network based on an automotive use case. The work should be done experimentally on real hardware by setting up the use case in industrial settings (on site at Volvo CE), configuring the network, performing experiments and analyse the extracted data from the measurements. The final goal of the thesis work is to demonstrate the use case based on TSN network in a real-time environment at Volvo CE in Eskilstuna.

Task and eventual goal with the thesis work
  • Identify needed hardware and set up the automotive use case demonstrator.
  • Perform experiments on different configuration settings for TSN.
  • Analyze measurement data.
  • Main deliverables include the demonstrator, a report on configuration, a final report of the experiments and measurements.

  • Investigating and demonstrating the impact of various configurations in TSN on the network performance.

1-2 master students.
30 credits thesis (ECTS).
  • Each candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and is now completing his/her master's degree, ideally majoring in computer science, embedded systems, communication or similar.
  • The candidates should have good programming knowledge on C/C++.
  • The candidates should have good knowledge of real-time systems and embedded systems.

Provided by VCE:
  • Work environment on site at Volvo CE, including hardware and real-time embedded environment.
  • Hands-on insights from the machinery industry.
  • Availability of an industrial supervisor for weekly meetings, preferably on Volvo CE.
  • Might be a great step forward in future career in computer science, embedded systems, or computer communication.
  • Remuneration for the thesis work.

Kick-off date:
January 2022

Contact person:
Sara Andersson. Senior software engineer. Email: sara.andersson@volvo.com

[1] M. Ashjaei, L. LoBello, M. Daneshtalab, G. Patti, S. Saponara, S. Mubeen, Time-Sensitive Networking in automotive embedded systems: State of the art and research opportunities, Journal of Systems Architecture, Vol. 117, 2021.
[2] M. Ashjaei, L. Murselović and S. Mubeen, "Implications of Various Preemption Configurations in TSN Networks," in IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, doi: 10.1109/LES.2021.3103061.

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