Sustainable Transportation

Our world is changing. A growing global population, urbanization and e-commerce, means that the demand for sustainable transportation solutions and infrastructure will continue to increase. At the same time, climate change is the challenge of our generation. Volvo Group is committed to driving the transition to sustainable, safe, and more productive transport and infrastructure solutions, while making the journey to become a net-zero society.

We do this with a broad range of products, services and solutions - from electric trucks and electric buses, to electric construction equipment and more.

Driving Change

We aim to provide sustainable transportation solutions that keep goods and people moving freely, and deliver the equipment needed to build and maintain vital infrastructure, while driving the shift towards a decarbonized transport system.



We see the transition to net-zero through fossil-free solutions as an opportunity to create meaningful impact, while also leveraging the growth potential the transition will offer. We do this by offering sustainable, safe and productive solutions, operating a responsible business, and collaborating with others to drive change.

Sustainable Solutions

Learn how Volvo Group is working to create sustainable transportation solutions for its customers with the latest in propulsion tech-nology, digital services and autonomous drive.

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Responsible Business

At Volvo Group we believe that we have a collective responsibility to make the world we live in a better place. Learn how we go about this.

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Collaborative Approach

Innovation and collaboration with industry partners, societal partners, start-ups and academia is how we create meaningful impact. Learn more about our way of working.

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Our progress and ambitions