Why work for Volvo?

You spend a large part of your life at work – we think that time should matter. Is Volvo a good company to work for? We asked our own employees what makes their heart beat every day at work. These are the five key reasons they shared.

Many companies boast an inspiring purpose, or innovation, leadership or a strong culture with growth opportunities and fair compensation. It is the combination of all five that sets us apart, and why people want to work and do business with us.

Leave society in good shape for the next generation

When working in the transport industry, you have the power to shape the society you live in. Every day, our products ensure that people have food on the table, that children arrive safely at school and that roads and buildings are constructed. Looking ahead, demand for transport and construction will keep growing. It is our job to offer transport and infrastructure solutions that are safe, efficient and sustainable. When working at Volvo, you are joining a truly global and leading industry player and you can make a change for real.

Work with the latest technologies

For us at Volvo Group, technology means the aspiration to move forward, constantly working together to improve, always with a purpose. Global movements such as urbanization, globalization, digitalization and an increased focus on sustainability drive us to develop groundbreaking technologies that are vital for the next generation of transport and infrastructure solutions.

Automated driving, electromobility and connected vehicles will allow more efficient, safer, cleaner and quieter societies to grow and prosper. Together with some of the sharpest and most creative people in the field, you will be part of shaping the world you want to live in when you are working for Volvo.

Be cared for and listened to

Fostered over almost a century, Volvo Group’s culture is one of care for people. We are committed to making your workplace safe and we facilitate a healthier lifestyle for all our employees. We draw strength from our diversity. And no matter what title you have, your voice is heard and your ideas matter.

Every day, life at Volvo is paced by a climate of support and respect. People are passionate about what they do, they aim for high performance and thrive on teamwork. We are convinced that a transparent, inclusive culture and leadership is the way to empower every individual to do their very best.

Design your own career

Your possibilities to develop at Volvo Group are countless. Working at Volvo, you can explore career opportunities across our 12 brands, our 100 locations, and a large variety of professions. You will be entrusted with challenging assignments and, along the way, your training needs are supported by our very own corporate university. Should you wish to broaden your horizon, there can be assignments abroad. Even without travelling, you can get international experience by working in global teams. Set your goal and we will help you reach it! 

Get rewarded for your contribution

At Volvo Group, we strive for a clear, transparent and straightforward compensation approach motivating you to contribute to the growth of our company. You receive a competitive base salary that you can boost through your strong individual performance.

You may also benefit from variable pay linked to collective targets. But financial recognition is only one part of your total package. We offer solid benefits aligned to what brings most value in your country be it e.g. pension, health insurance together with a set of programs supporting you wherever you are in your life’s journey, and facilitating a good work life balance.  

Employer awards

Many companies boast an inspiring purpose, or innovation leadership or a strong culture with growth opportunities and fair compensation. We believe that it is the combination of all five that sets us apart, and also why people want to work for Volvo Group. It is one of our aspirations to be the most admired employer in our industry as that will help us attract and retain the best people. These are a few examples of how we have been recognized internationally as a leading employer: