The perfect mix

What is it like to be a Volvo customer? “Good people behind a good product and hard-core business principles”. That’s the experience of Volker Trübenbach, a customer of 15 years we met at the Volvo Ocean Race.

Volker Trübenbach

Volker Trübenbach - Owner E Power

As the race stopped in Cape Town, we caught up with a customer; Volker Trübenbach, Owner of E Power, a diesel generator manufacturing company. Volker has been Volvo partner for 15 years: “Volvo brings value to our customers’ business, known for its products quality and reliability and the aftersales service”. He tells us about relationship built on trust and hard-core business principles: “I choose Volvo because it has good products and it is a company supported by good people”.

The perfect mix

“The perfect mix” is the fourth episode of “Explorer Stories”, a new film series, offering a chance to experience the spirit of the Volvo Ocean Race through the eyes of its explorers. Some are customers providing their view on the Volvo Group, some are engaged employees dedicated to the success of the company in various ways, and some are visitors inspired by the Volvo Group spirit.

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