Following a successful launch last year, Volvo Group extends a warm invitation to PhD Research Scholars for a 9-month Incubation Program, that promises to build the right capabilities for a lasting career in the field of transport and infrastructure.

At Volvo Group India, we prioritize your holistic well-being with programs focused on physical, mental and financial health. Benefit from comprehensive compensation packages, cutting-edge training, and the opportunity to make a sustainable impact. Find out more about life & careers at Volvo. 

Volvo Group’s Footprint in India: 

For 25 years, the Volvo Group has made significant strides in various segments in India, contributing to the country’s growth and progress. As we reflect on our journey, we take great pride in our accomplishments in India. Below is a glimpse of our endeavors and impact in India.


Volvo Group Employees in India




People in Volvo digital
& IT


Trained trucks &
bus drivers

15 Years

Of strong partnership between Volvo
Group & Eicher Motors Limited


Largest R&D site
for Group Trucks

Volvo Group India’s commitment to creating a lasting social impact

Infrastructure development

As part of its commitment to India's development, the Volvo Group is actively involved in infrastructure expansion. Through strategic partnerships and advanced equipment, Volvo aids in the construction of roads and buildings, integral to India's growth. Additionally, Volvo's initiatives in training excavator operators enhance manpower capabilities, crucial for sustained infrastructure development. Thus, Volvo is steadfast in its mission to empower India's progression through infrastructure advancement.

Minimize carbon footprints

Protecting the environment is the biggest challenge we face. That’s why we’re so committed to environmental responsibility. And have been for decades. Some examples of recent developments are gas-powered trucks and fully-electric trucks. And the electromobility journey is accelerating with more products and services.

Community health & well-being

Volvo Group in India is committed to creating a lasting social impact. We prioritize safety education, sustainable development, and employment prospects for the underprivileged. Our “Vacination on Wheels” initiative, which has been especially crucial during the Covid pandemic, delivers healthcare services to remote areas. In partnership with local schools, we’re providing essential infrastructure, including water treatment plants in villages, to ensure access to clean water. Many of our initiatives focus on improving the infrastructure and community development around our factories and manufacturing plants.

Education & skills development

Volvo Group India actively engages in improving social infrastructure and uplifting the well-being of communities by forging a strategic alliance with the GMR Varalakshmi Foundation (GMRVF). Through this partnership, GMRVF provides sustainable solutions to empower under-served communities through comprehensive programs in education, health, and livelihood development. Our dedicated driver training centre located in Hoskote is designed to prioritize hands-on learning, enabling participants to achieve excellence in their careers.

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