Corporate Standards

Standardization is about reaching consensus on and documenting common solutions to recurring situations. Standardization increases efficiency and delivers commonality, the right quality, and economies of scale to all stakeholders.


Corporate Standards is the department at Volvo that is responsible for developing, publishing and distributing Volvo Group standards.

Volvo Group standards are often referred to in technical documentation and are thereby legally binding contractual documents between Volvo Group companies and their suppliers.

The Corporate Standards department is also responsible for documentation of standard parts. Another field of responsibility is to coordinate Volvo's external standardization activities.

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Note: Volvo Group standards are now stored in the Volvo Group Supplier Portal, see the links below.
If you don´t have access, please contact your Volvo Group supplier host and they will support you further.
If you are a tier 2 or 3 supplier, please contact the tier 1 supplier to get the relevant information. 


Database containing standards for the Volvo Group, Renault Trucks and Mack Trucks.

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Drawings of standard parts

Here you will find Corporate Standards drawings only. For other drawings, please contact the purchasing organization at the relevant Volvo Group unit.

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Volvo Group environmental standards

Stay updated on the Volvo Group standard revisions


For information regarding Revised standards, please log in to Supplier Portal (Library > Engineering > Standards and standard parts)

Useful material related to standards

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) forms

Here you will find the link to the FMEA form presented in our Volvo standard STD 105-0005. This is a basic form, which can be used for both Design FMEA and Process FMEA. Depending on how the FMEA form is used in the different Business Areas/Business Units in the Volvo Group, it may be necessary to adjust the layout and contents slightly.

In connection with purchasing, several BAs/BUs refer to ISO/TS 16949 and to documents issued by AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group), which also include descriptions of the FMEA method. In such cases, it is also possible to find FMEA forms via ISO/TS 16949 and AIAG.

Documents valid from 2009-05-20

 Template FMEA5.xls (0.1 MB, xls)


Forms for lubricant approval

These forms are intended for lubricant marketers, additive companies, etc., who wish to apply for Volvo Group approvals for engine oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils and greases. Completed forms shall be sent by e-mail to Multiple approval requests can be sent with the same e-mail, but only if they are use the same form, i.e. refer to the same Volvo Group standard. Approval requests for different Volvo Group standards, e.g. 417-0002 (VDS-3) and 417-0003 (VDS-4.5), shall be sent in different e-mails.

For more information, please contact us at:

Link to the forms

Labs approved for corrosion testing according to STD 423-0014

For information about approved corrosion labs and contact details, see the Excel document. Please contact Corporate Standards if you have any questions about the information in the Excel sheet or if it needs to be updated.
 Contact list for test labs.xls (0.2 MB, xls)


Initial sample testing forms

Below you will find initial sample test forms in accordance with Volvo Group standard 5036,1. To the right you will find PPAP Master forms, a document used by some companies in the Volvo Group.
PPAP forms.xls (0.5 MB, xls)

Volvo Initial Sample Approval, Result report, Reg. No.71316187.doc (DOC, 0.1 MB)

Volvo Initial Sample Records, results from dimensional and-or functional inspection, Reg. No.71316188 (DOT, 0.1 MB)


Volvo’s Red List (STD 100-0005) related documents

Volvo Group table of valid exemptions for substances of concern.xlsx  (XLS, 0.02 MB)

Do you only have the material number/designation?

Use our conversion lists

Below you can find conversion lists for metallic/non-metallic materials.
These will help you find the standards document number if you only have the material number/designation.


Material number V-0517 is found in STD 1105,171
Material designation VIG250/180+SR in STD 310-0001

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