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  • The innovation landscape is vast, and you can easily get lost in blockchain projects, virtual reality experiences and AI platforms. Choosing an innovation approach is an important part of your innovation strategy, it can guide you like a north star and makes it easier to stay on your innovation course. In this article we explain why we chose a human-centric approach at CampX.

  • Embarking on a two-day journey of innovation and collaboration, the AI in Action Hackathon organized by Volvo Group Connected Solutions, a global organization that leads the development of the Volvo Group's connected services and solutions, proved to be a showcase of brilliance and creativity. This global development and training initiative brought together numerous talented minds, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and energy.

  • Highlighting Volvo Group's steadfast commitment to open and collaborative innovation, the Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley recently hosted Volvo employees from around the globe to attend the Plug and Play Winter Summit. The Summit, which presents over 300 startups across 19 industry-focused innovation programs and hosts over 3,000 attendees, serves as a vibrant hub for learning from industry leaders, connecting with startups, and gaining valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies.

460 matches

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