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  • As the first global truck manufacturer to do so, Volvo Trucks is now starting series production of heavy electric, 44 tonne* trucks.

  • Volvo Group and Rio Tinto have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a strategic partnership where Rio Tinto will supply responsibly sourced low-carbon products and solutions to Volvo Group and the companies will work towards decarbonizing Rio Tinto’s operations through piloting Volvo Group’s sustainable autonomous hauling solutions.

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    Smoovit goes electric 

    Starting in February, Smoovit, which manages the consolidation of cargo from different carriers, is now up and running in a living lab in Gothenburg. This smart logistics system will considerably help reduce the number of transports into the city. Right now, cargo bikes are being used as means of transportation, but it gets even better - DHL, one of the partners in the research project, is now using an electric truck from Volvo Trucks!

  • The transport and logistic industry are undergoing a digital transformation and new possibilities for efficient, safe, and sustainable services are being created for tomorrow’s mobility solutions. This change is mainly driven by three technologies: connectivity, automation, and electrification.

  • Nina Aresund has been appointed new member of Volvo´s Group Executive Board and Executive Vice President Group Legal and Compliance. She will succeed Sofia Frändberg who after ten years will step down from her current role and continue as a senior leader for the Volvo Group.

  • The Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab hosted the Innovation Roundtable in collaboration with Plug and Play Tech Center on August 23rd and 24th. This event was attended by over 100 participants each day, offering insights and networking opportunities across industries.

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    New number of votes in AB Volvo 

    The number of votes in AB Volvo has changed due to the conversion of a total of 21 Series A shares to a total of 21 Series B shares. The conversions were implemented with the support of the opportunity for Series A shareholders to request conversion of Series A shares to Series B shares which was entered in the Articles of Association at the 2011 Annual General Meeting.

  • Juggling work with a private life and family isn’t always easy. At Volvo Group we believe that good communication and trust, together with supportive employee benefits, provide the basis for a healthy work-life balance. Sarah Townsend, Analyst, Parts & Services Financing, is very happy with the work culture at Volvo Group – a company she’s proud to describe as socially conscious.

  • On August 23-25, 2022, we have a pop-up art-installation, at Lindholmspiren, Gothenburg. If you are nearby, visit us and take a stroll through the installation. We hope that you will enjoy time spent there and maybe reflect a bit on how you feel and what you want to do in the future.

  • Jan Gurander will step down as Volvo Group Deputy CEO as of December 31[st], 2022. His other managerial assignments within the Group will gradually be distributed to other members of the Volvo Group Executive Board. After the turn of the year, Jan Gurander will stand available to President and CEO Martin Lundstedt´s disposal.

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