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  • Data collected from Volvo trucks’ movements around Sweden has been used to create a clear overview of current and future energy demands for electromobility and transportation solutions in a research project run by Volvo Group. The data, which show where electric charging infrastructure will be required, also highlights the need for informed discussion around the investment needed to develop an electricity grid capable of meeting the demands that the charging infrastructure will generate.

  • Lockouts and lost keys are common pain points experienced by truck drivers, resulting in long delays and downtime. This prompted Innovation Lab at Volvo Group in Silicon Valley to develop a solution called Smart Access that would eliminate lockout incidents and promote uptime for drivers and fleets.

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    06/07/2023 4 mins 4 mins

    Gender - and the different aspects

    We hear the terms Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity more and more these days. But do we know what they mean and what the differences between these concepts are? Many of us probably associate these concepts with belonging to an LGBTQ+ community. But it is not the case, since all people belong to a group or a set of definitions in that medium.

  • Volvo Group is working tirelessly towards being fossil-free by 2040 – and an important part of this commitment is investing in the future through our academic collaborations, which challenge students to provide new perspectives on industry needs. Through these partnerships, we look to provide a springboard for students today to become part of an inspired workforce tomorrow, paving the path with new ways of thinking.

  • Research and development (R&D) in industries such as transportation, rely on continuous improvements to deliver customer value through new products and services. However, the recent convergence of digitalization, climate neutral technologies and automation, has pushed these industries into a transformation mode with high levels of uncertainty.

454 matches

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