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Welcome to Volvo Group

We are one of the largest providers of commercial transport and infrastructure solutions in the world, offering trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial engines as well as complete solutions for financing and service.

Our solutions to global challenges are driven by our mission to drive prosperity through transport and infrastructure solutions, and our vision to be the most desired and successful transport and infrastructure solution provider in the world.

To many people driving prosperity simply means increasing economic wealth. To us, it is much more. Volvo springs from a genuine humanistic approach and builds upon a history of innovation. We strongly believe in a future where sustainable and efficient transport and infrastructure solutions are essential for any society to prosper, where collaboration and diversity increase speed and solve societal challenges. Our solutions improve the everyday life of our customers and for the society at large, today and tomorrow. We are committed to make a change, for people by people. 

What we do

Without the type of products and services the Volvo Group provides, the societies in which many of us live would not function. Like a circulatory system, our trucks, buses, engines, construction equipment and financial services are involved in many of the functions that most of us rely on every day.

Our brands

Volvo Group’s brand portfolio consists of several distinct brands, targeting different customers and different segments.

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