New Volvo P7110B and P7170B Tier 4 Final pavers debut at World of Asphalt 2016

The P7110B tracked paver and P7170B wheeled paver from Volvo Construction Equipment offer 360-degree visibility, improved fuel efficiency with more than 12 hours of continuous run time without refueling, and new options to enhance productivity and mat quality.
The latest highway-class pavers from Volvo CE feature the proven Volvo D8J, 8-liter, Tier 4 Final engine with continuous passive regeneration, boasting more than 12 hours of continuous run time without refueling and more than 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency versus previous models. Along with the latest Volvo engine, these new pavers feature the industry’s longest hydraulic tunnels, a range of screed options, a four-sensor material flow system and 360-degree visibility — all of which adds up to greater quality and productivity at lower operating cost.

“The P7110B and P7170B build upon more than 75 years of Blaw-Knox and ABG paving technologies combined with the proven Tier 4 Final Volvo engine. Engine development is a core strength for Volvo that we leverage across the entire Volvo Group, and the D8J is another great example of improving performance while also complying with EPA regulation,” said John Mooney, product manager, pavers at Volvo Construction Equipment. “The 7000 Series pavers were field-tested with more than 200,000 tons of placed material to prove performance and reliability. Not only did we prove reliability, we lowered the fuel usage, per placed ton, as compared to any previous model.”

Safety and visibility
The latest Volvo tracked and wheeled pavers offer unobstructed, 360-degree visibility. The engine has been neatly packaged under the hood while keeping the same low hood height, profile and engine serviceability. To provide emissions component access, the length of the top cover has been increased and a removable side cover added. Careful attention was paid to keeping excellent forward visibility over the hood area while retaining low deck height. To increase operator comfort, new side air vents and a slightly higher seat have been added. The operator has a choice of two control consoles, which allow the machine to be operated from the left or right sides. The consoles rotate and tilt to align with the adjustable operator seats, which can easily extend beyond the edge of the paver for an unobstructed view of material flow. Large steps, handrails and anti-slip plates permit safe entrance and exit. New optional LED work lights brighten work areas and are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impact.

Powerful precision
With the simple press of a button, the operator can extend the two-stage, 42-inch hydraulic tunnels — twice the length of any competitor — allowing head-of-material control without the need for bolt-on extensions. These B-series pavers also offer the selection of factory-installed Omni 318, Omni 1000 and Ultimat 200 screeds, as well as dealer-installed Wedgelock screeds. With the Volvo quick coupling system, extensions can be easily added or removed in minutes. To ensure smooth and consistent paving, four standard ultrasonic sensors — two above the conveyor and two above the auger — automatically regulate the proper delivery and flow of material to match the paver’s speed. The tow point indicators have been updated to increase readability and accuracy. High contrast scales are now located at the tow point with a red indicator for accuracy. The larger scale is easily readable from the paver or screed operators’ positions.

The large-capacity hopper works in combination with independently controlled conveyors and augers to ensure a constant flow of material to the screed. The heavy, abuse-resistant, 2-inch-thick hopper wings prevent material build-up, improve clean-up and provide counter-balance weight.

Maintenance made easy
The Volvo “green” key provides common access to ignition, heat box, fuel cap, center console, and DEF tank cover, and a second key opens the four side access covers, cooler, hydraulic pumps, and the smaller hinged panels located on the side, under the operator seats. Engine checks are easily performed from the deck with full-width engine hood. Filters and coolers are easily checked with vertically hinged doors on the side of the machine. All material flow components feature sealed bearings for long life. A redesigned exhaust outlet eliminates the need to fold the pipe prior to transport.

Comes with CareTrack®
The B-Series pavers are also available with optional factory-installed CareTrack — the Volvo telematics systems that provides remote monitoring of paver location and engine run time, as well as geo-fencing and reporting in order to increase uptime, and better plan paver hauling and service. With Volvo’s expansive North American dealer network and the ability to customize customer support agreements to individual needs, customers have the robust support needed to ensure maximum uptime.

North American debut
The P7110B and P7170B made their North American debuts at World of Asphalt 2016. The two machines will be produced in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, and will be available starting Q3 of 2016.

Key specs




Max Paving Width

26 ft (7.9 m)

Paving Depth

0.25" – 12" (6 – 305 mm)

Shipping Weight Of Tractor Only

41,810 lb (18,965 kg)

39,112 lb (17,741 kg)

with Omni 318 screed

50,050 lb (22,702 kg)

47,369 lb (21,486 kg)

with Ultimat 200 screed

49,830 lb (22,603 kg)

47,148 lb (21,386 kg)

with Omni 1000 screed

50,740 lb (23,015 kg)

48,061 lb (21,800 kg)


Volvo D8 / EPA Tier 4 final

Rated Power

235 hp (175 kW)

Paving Speed

0 - 224 ft/min (0 - 68 m/min)

Hopper Capacity (includes tunnel)

13 T (12 t)