Volvo Safety Vision – Zero Accidents

Zero Accidents with Volvo Group Products

The Volvo Group Safety Vision provides a distinct direction for all our safety work. It is the idea of “Zero” that guides us. It is a way of thinking and a holistic framework for our efforts. It is based on the fact that every accident has an impact and on the belief that they are preventable.

We are well aware that our products do not operate in isolation and many accidents happen through a complex chain of events beyond our control, but our commitment stands fast. As long as there are accidents we believe we can make a difference.

The Safety Vision is based on the understanding that traffic safety requires systematic work from the combined effort of many stakeholders. So we openly collaborate with others in areas which are important for safety but which are outside of our direct control.

As long as there are accidents Volvo is committed to always strive towards zero accidents through high quality and innovative products that reduce the frequency of accidents and their consequences.

Zero Accidents Is Our Vision - This Is How We Work

Volvo Group has a Zero Accident Vision involving our products. We work proactively to develop intelligent solutions that not only mitigate the consequences of accidents but strive to avoid them altogether.

Reaching zero also means working with a zero accident culture systematically in close collaboration with other stakeholders to accelerate progress in every dimension, in order to achieve a safe system for all road users. Together our safety measures make a difference.

Volvo Group is one of the biggest suppliers of commercial transport solutions in the world, and our products are present everywhere, on the road, off road, in cities, and at sea. Our safety work always starts by understanding the real-life conditions under which our vehicles and machines operate, and by gaining an in-depth understanding of the causes and effects of accidents involving our products.

Over the years our accident researchers have amassed great amounts of expertise about why, how, and what types of accidents that occur. This knowledge directly influences the development of new products and services. Our evidence-based approach ensures that we have the right priorities and continue to take steps that create real safety benefits. 

The issues facing us ahead are a challenging mix of conventional concerns and new concerns introduced by a changing transport system, technology paradigm shifts, such as electromobility and automation, and fast-paced motorization and urbanization.

Progress will require global advocacy for the continued implementation of basic safety measures, and innovation that takes full advantage of the benefits offered by modern safety technology.

Our basic philosophy is that accidents can be prevented. That is the position we have taken and we believe in it. It is the Volvo Group Safety Vision. At the same time, we are aware that many things are outside of our control. That is why it is important that we collaborate with other players and spread the zero accident policy.

In high-income countries, progress is largely dependent on continued development of advanced sensors and technologies, and on the willingness of policy makers and the private sector to make bold changes in its traditional way of working.

In low- and middle-income countries, there are few short-cuts. But if key stakeholders work together on this issue, development of more affordable safety solutions is possible. It is also important to spread the adoption of proven vehicle regulation and traffic legislation.

We are at a paradigm shift both technologically and politically. The possibilities offered by automation, electromobility and connectivity, and through the digitization of the transport system, are immense. Sustainability has become a hugely powerful force, recognizable in almost all parts of the debate.

We are a leading global transport solution provider and we will drive the change.

And our Safety Vision stands firm.

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