Sales representatives – a key link between the customer and the brand

As a key link between the customer and the brand, the salesperson forms relationships with customers based on attentiveness and trust.
For many customers, including Patrick Folléas of BFT Transport, the local sales representative is the personal interface of the brand.
For many customers, including Patrick Folléas of BFT Transport, the local sales representative is the personal interface of the brand.

Emilie Ruiz works with the Renault Trucks heavy-duty range in Corbas, closeto Lyon in France.

“Our customers are looking for very specialised advice and expect a high level of professionalism from us,” says Emilie Ruiz.

She has been a heavy-duty range salesperson for the past year, after eight years as a salesperson for the utility range.

“There are fewer heavy-duty customers and they are much more sought after, so it’s crucial to build trust with them if we want to be consulted when they renew their fleets.”

Her goal is to be consulted in 100 per cent of renewal cases in her sector. In reaching her goal, she has an advantage: The strength of the Renault Trucks brand, which with its French origin is recognised as a mark of quality.

“But this is not enough. The advisory role of the salesperson is key, both at the technical level in order to recommend the right vehicle for the task and in terms of ensuring service, maintenance, extension of warranties and financing,” says Emilie Ruiz.

That is a positioning that helps win deals. Last November, Emilie Ruiz sold a Renault Trucks T to one of her prospects who, until then, had mostly been affiliated with Mercedes.

Patrick Folléas, CEO of BFT Transport, runs a family business comprising 45 people that offers transport and rental services. “I have a special connection to the Renault Trucks brand because I started my career driving an R390,” he says.

Patrick Folléas is also convinced of the reliability of trucks from Renault Trucks, especially since the launch of the new Euro 6 range.

“But what really makes the difference is the quality of service, attentiveness to my needs and the responsiveness of the teams.”

In this case, BFT required a rental vehicle.

“The vehicle had to be as versatile as possible, but we found a compromise that included the maximum number of options while keeping costs as low as possible,” says Patrick Folléas.

To convince the customer, Emilie Ruiz loaned him a vehicle to test it.

“I am also the captain of a racing team,” says Patrick Folléas.

“I had the chance to drive a T model in which I transported my Renault Trucks racing truck all the way to the 24 Hours of Le Mans Race.”

According to both the customer and the salesperson, the real work starts once a sale is completed.

“It’s now up to us to demonstrate our ability to guarantee the expected level of service, especially when it comes to the implementation of the maintenance contract signed by BFT,” says Emilie Ruiz.

Here, the salesperson serves as the business coordinator and link. “Representatives of the workshop, as well as salespersons working with utility and heavy-duty vehicles, meet every Monday morning.”

The goal of these meetings is to exchange information and to talk about issues and opportunities in order to be able to speak to the customer with a common voice.

“Through consistency and transparency, we aim to provide the highest level of long-term satisfaction. Nothing can ever be taken for granted,” says Emilie Ruiz.