Material and Substances Composition Reporting

The Volvo Group works actively to eliminate harmful substances from the products. In order to track and follow up on substances of concern, the supplier shall submit a Material Data Sheet (MDS) consisting of a declaration of all included materials and substances, and their weight. The requirement applies for all parts and materials delivered to the Volvo Group, regardless of design date or application of the part, including spare parts, customer adaptation, etc.

The MDS shall be submitted to the Volvo Group via IMDS, or IMDS or CDX for Volvo CE.

The MDS reporting is important for Volvo in order to secure compliance with the European REACH regulation, European Waste Framework Directive and registration to the SCIP database as well as other product- and chemical legislations worldwide.

How to register to Substance Tracking application
(see Substance tracking instruction Manual below, for details)

  1. Retrieve your company ID in IMDS. (Substance tracking instruction Manual: Chapter 5.3. Registration in IMDS)
  2. Get registered to Volvo Group Supplier Portal through your Volvo responsible buyer (Substance tracking instruction Manual: Chapter 5.1. Registration in the supplier portal).
  3. Register a Substance tracking user in the Volvo Group Supplier Portal. (Substance tracking instruction Manual: Chapter 5.2. Person(s) in charge of substances reporting)
  4. MDS reporting process (Substance tracking instruction Manual: Chapter 6.1. MDS process)

For more information about the IMDS and CDX reporting procedures, see STD 100-0006.

MDS reporting is required when the supplier receives a request to send an MDS.

On the public pages of you can find general information such as IMDS system requirements, reporting recommendations, training courses calendar, e-learning, online registration and automotive news.  General information how to create an MDS in IMDS you find here

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