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In this issue you'll meet inspiring women, gain insights into their personal career journeys, discover job opportunities, and access a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can use for your own personal career journey.

Women Empowered

8 mins.

Stop being a good girl!

Listen to Cécile’s life and career advice around overcoming 'good girl syndrome'! Learn how she became a global leader, driving digital business transformation (focusing on customer, design and technology). From early life changing experiences, and facing challenges in her early 40’s, leveraging each obstacle to create a successful and sustainable career.

Tech Corner

6 mins.

Using telematics data analysis to predict future electric charging networks

By Maja Feierabend, Data Scientist 


Have you ever heard of a Catch 22 dilemma? It is a situation where the solution to a problem requires another solution which depends on the positive outcome of the first. Sounds too abstract? Imagine you are a truck owner, and you are very eager to change to emission-free vehicles. The solution would be rather simple: just go to the truck dealer and buy an electric truck. However, to make your transport missions work with the newly purchased electric truck, you need to be able to charge it. And you need a publicly available charging infrastructure. 


A Day in the Life

4 mins.

A Software Engineer reimagining legacy systems

By Meghana Rajappa, Professional Software Engineer


I was born and raised in Bangalore and first started to get interested in computer science in high school, where I got quite good in Basic C programming. This encouraged me to study computer science in university. My father was very encouraging in this respect. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in 2016, and began working in a startup as a developer, before getting married and moving to Sweden in 2019.

Be Bold!

4 mins.

From fashion runways to digital pathways

By Panida Karlsson, Senior Designer UX Strategy


At the tender age of 25, I stood at a crossroads in my career path, straddling my love for aesthetics from my Thai fashion background, and a desire to explore the uncharted digital realm that beckoned me. Making the leap to the tech world, especially with dyslexia, felt audacious, but as I've always believed, challenges are life's way of testing our resilience and passion.