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The Volvo Group is a leading force in the shift towards the electrification of the transportation, mobility and equipment sectors, making a real impact on our customers’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Our ambition is to solve our customers' business challenges in the field of sustainability from a customer and societal perspective.


- 100% safe - 100% fossil-free - 100% more productive -

Safety is about putting people at the center of everything we do. We have a vision of zero accidents with Volvo Group products and in our own operations. We work proactively with our partners and with society to develop intelligent solutions that not only mitigate the consequences of accidents but strive to avoid them altogether. And, of course, safety is a prerequisite for vehicle uptime and increased productivity.

Climate change is the challenge of our generation. We are enabling our customers to be leaders in the shift towards a decarbonized transport system. We offer fully electric solutions ranging from compact excavators to city buses and heavy-duty trucks with zero greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions and provide our customers a fast-track to emission reduction, while managing total investment and cost of operation parameters.

Many transports are run with half-empty loads. By optimizing flows and increasing the utilization of equipment we believe it is possible to double the productivity of our customers’ logistics systems. In addition, we are developing autonomous transport solutions for confined areas such as ports and quarries, as well as for hub-to-hub transports on public roads. 

Decarbonizing the transportation industry

Around the globe, businesses are taking significant steps towards decarbonization with Volvo Group products and services.

The shift to electric propulsion systems (both battery and hydrogen fuel cell-based) is not limited to heavy- and medium-duty trucks - it also covers construction and mining equipment, buses, marine and industrial power applications.

In addition, fossil-free bio-fuels can be used in combustion engines to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The pace of electric transportation adoption will vary from region to region and will depend greatly upon the availability of robust charging infrastructure. 

To this end, Volvo Group is an active partner in several battery charging and hydrogen infrastructure projects in both Europe and the United States of America, with the express aim of increasing adoption rates and thereby further reducing emissions.

Flexible and total business solutions

At Volvo Group we are committed to offering the flexible services and solutions our customers need to build their business in the smartest way possible. The shift to electric equipment drives system thinking, where the truck or machine is only one part of a total solution encompassing charging infrastructure, battery optimization, maintenance, financing and value-adding services.

For us, this transition brings a deeper, broader, and more long-term engagement in our customers’ business.

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Helping our customers decarbonize their operations


We put people at the center of everything we do. Volvo Group is committed to safety and has a Zero Accident Vision for people using our products and those who work in our operations.
We work pro-actively to develop intelligent solutions that not only mitigate the consequences of accidents, but strive to avoid them altogether. And, of course, safety is a prerequisite for vehicle uptime and increased productivity.

The heart of Volvo

Traffic safety has been at the heart of what we do since Volvo was founded over 90 years ago, and it remains so. Safety plays is a vital role in driving continued prosperity. As a global supplier of transport and infrastructure solutions we have a unique opportunity to contribute to both a safer traffic environment for people all over the world, and a safer work environment for the drivers and operators who use our products. Our safety measures make a difference when it matters.

Global road safety scenarios

When discussing road safety and traffic safety measures from a global perspective it is important to have relevant facts. Volvo Group and SAFER Research Centre at Chalmers have put together a study to establish a foundation for the development of future scenarios that can help implement and identify true road safety improvements.


The most common accidents

Road accidents happen. They can be minor, they can be severe, and they can be everything in between. Each accident holds critical insights that can contribute to ways we can improve road safety for all users.

The most common accidents

Accident Research Team

Since 1969 we’ve had a team dedicated to understanding why road accidents happen. Their work with traffic safety helps us develop safety related improvements so that one day we may avoid road accidents altogether.

Here’s their story 


Climate change is the challenge of our generation and we are enabling our customers to be leaders in the shift towards a decarbonized transport system. The transition is happening now. We offer fully electric solutions ranging from compact excavators to city buses and heavy-duty trucks with zero greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions. Our total solutions provide our customers a fast-track to emission reduction, while managing total investment and cost of operation parameters. For us as a company, the shift to electric solutions is a unique growth opportunity. 



Learn about our three-pronged approach

At Volvo Group we believe that the road to net-zero means utilizing the latest propulsion technology.

We are already offering battery-electric solutions and we are investing heavily in the field of  hydrogen – both for fuel cell applications and as a renewable fuel for combustion engines. We believe that the future will demand varied propulsion applications to meet our customers’ needs and environmental demands. This is why we are taking a three-pronged approach to propulsion.


Committed to sustainable progress

Just as the Volvo Group has set ambitious Science Based Targets (SBT) on greenhouse gas emission reductions in line with the Paris Agreement, many of our customers, and their customers in turn, have also committed to sustainability goals. This is encouraging them to gradually phase-out vehicles and machines running on fossil fuels and replace them with electric vehicles. Because of this, we prioritize developing solutions that reduce carbon emissions, with electromobility as a baseline.


We already offer industry-leading fossil-free alternatives in our core product segments. Our ambition is to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emission-enabled products, solutions and services by 2040. Energy-efficient products, solutions and services mean significant savings for our customers and reduced climate impact. In 2015, there were 116 companies adopting a Science Based Targets approach. By the end of 2022, that number had grown to more than 4,000.

Read more about our Science Based Targets 

Battery Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

Explore the power of zero-emission technologies

Learn about our green steel collaborations and how they will speed up the transition to a fossil-free transportation industry


Explore how we employ fossil-free technologies across our product segments

More productive

Today, truck fill rates are on average only 40–50% of total load capacity. We would like to change that. To improve productivity and the use of available resources, we are working with AI and Machine Learning technologies to optimize transportation through load consolidation, sharing, and improving fleet efficiency by using emission class restrictions, slow transport and alternatively fueled products.

New services, new solutions

Discover how Volvo Group's approach to total solutions can change our customers' business.

Autonomous and intelligent

An industry-first in autonomous solutions

Back in August 2023, Volvo Autonomous Solutions achieved an industry-first milestone: the removal of the safety driver in an active commercial mining operation at Brönnöy Kalk mine in Velfjord, Norway. Watch the film to learn more or visit Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

Maximizing uptime and productivity

Volvo Group provides total solutions, where we complement our product offering of trucks, buses, construction equipment, and marine and industrial power systems with a broad range of services that maximize uptime and productivity. This includes service contracts, monitoring of vehicles in real time to predict unplanned stops before they occur, financing and insurance solutions, fleet management and much more.

And as we move quickly towards a fossil-free transportation system, our broad electric product offer is supported by robust charging solutions, dynamic route planning and battery performance monitoring.

Looking at the logistics system holistically, there is still a huge potential to reduce waste, for example by decreasing the number of empty runs or routes run with less than full loads. A central part of the ecosystem that we are helping to create for our customers and the wider transport and construction industries is a foundation of digital services that not only simplify operations, but also help to improve efficiency and thereby return. One example is Efficient Load Out, designed to help our customers enhance accuracy and efficiency in mass excavation work.



In some cases, there is a potential to introduce complete autonomous transport solutions, making customers’ operations safer, more productive, and more sustainable. Examples include mines, quarries, and industrial material handling where flows are repetitive and controlled, semi-confined areas such as ports and logistics centers, and hub-to-hub long haul truck transport. In addition, we are developing solutions that have a self-learning capacity, utilizing the latest Artificial Intelligence engines to further increase productivity.

With our broad offer of fossil-free transport and equipment solutions, digital services, and the coming era of autonomous transport, we see a future where we will develop completely new business models around our product and service offering. This will be based on even stronger and more long-term partnerships with our customers, where we move from transactional business to offering equipment or even transport as a service.  

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"Safety is the core value that Volvo is best known for – and with good reason. That remains as unshakable a conviction when it comes to autonomous driving as to anything else." President, Volvo Autonomous Solutions

Future transport solutions

Lear more about how transportation will change in the coming years and how digitalization, automation and fossil-free technologies, when combined, can help to reshape our world.

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Volvo Autonomous Solutions

Learn more about our approach to autonomous drive technology.

How we make it happen

CAST: Volvo Group’s modular system

The Volvo Group and its partners benefit from the Group’s modular platform Common Architecture & Shared Technology (CAST).

The ambition with CAST is to develop a competitive set of modular products and services that are easy to integrate, meet future legal, market and society needs, as well as exceeding customer expectations.

Through well-defined performance steps and continuous reduction of complexity, the CAST ecosystem supports our different brand strategies across disruptive technology trends while maximizing synergies for the Volvo Group and its joint ventures and alliances.


Mixed model assembly

The Volvo Group’s modular vehicle architecture creates advantages in both the development and manufacturing phase. The architecture allows us to put either an internal combustion engine or an electric driveline in the same chassis. In this way, we reduce development time, costs, and can bring new offers to the market faster.

In addition, we can manufacture the different variants on the same assembly line in existing plants, leveraging on our skilled workforce and invested capital, which again reduces cost and enables us to scale up volumes quickly when required.

Energy solutions

Volvo Energy is accelerating the transition to electrification and sustainability by taking a circular approach to batteries, using digitalization and partnerships to get the most out of second-life battery solutions.

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Connectivity solutions

We have the largest number of connected commercial vehicles and machines in the industry. Connectivity is essential to our goals of increasing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact, as well as making our roads safer.

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Autonomous solutions

Volvo Group is already providing autonomous vehicles to customers in the mining industry, where predictability and repeatability are common factors of the working environment. And there is much more to come.

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