The Volvo share

The Volvo share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, Sweden stock exchange. One A share carries one vote at Annual General Meetings and one B share carries one tenth of a vote. Dividends are the same for both classes of shares. The Volvo share is included in a large number of indexes that are compiled by Dow Jones, FTSE, S&P and Nasdaq Nordic.

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Calculate the value of your Volvo Group shares based on the current share price.

Largest owners

Find out who are the largest shareholders in AB Volvo. The list of owners is updated on a quarterly basis.

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The Board of Directors proposes a dividend for the Annual General Meeting to decide upon. 


Conversion of shares

In accordance with a resolution on the AB Volvo Annual General Meeting on April 6, 2011, the Articles of Association were amended to include a conversion clause, stipulating that series A-shares may be converted into series B-shares, at the request of the individual shareholder.

Conversion of shares

Analyst coverage

Approximately 20 sell-side analysts publish research reports on Volvo Group on a regular basis.

Analyst coverage

Insider trading

Click the link below and you will be transferred to find the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s list of transactions reported by insiders in AB Volvo.

Insider register (external link)

Withholding tax

Click the link below for information on the Swedish withholding tax on dividends on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

Swedish Tax Agency’s Website (external link)

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