Collaborative Approach

Through partnerships, joint ventures, and co-creation, we leverage expertise and technology to create value and accelerate the transition to a sustainable transportation system. Technology is developing at a faster pace than ever before. From autonomous transport solutions to Artificial Intelligence, Volvo Group works with the latest technology with a clear aim - to shape the world we want to live in.  Our approach is based collaboration and close partnerships. 

We understand that technology and innovative thinking can be combined in new ways, offering fresh and innovative solutions. Based on emerging technologies and the latest findings within connectivity, automation and electrification, we see great opportunities to co-create a more sustainable transport system and to help society prosper.


    In many instances the power of two or more players can create the momentum to fast-track the adoption of new technologies and provide the scale necessary to make things happen. We have always been open to collaborating with suppliers and other players in the sector to help move our industry forward and tackle the challenges of today.


    We have a broad range of partners – from our 55,000+ supply chain partners around the Globe, to partnerships with academia, safety institutes and more, along with developmental and high-impact partners. You can read more about some of these partners below.

    Volvo Group and Daimler Truck announce intention to create joint venture

    Volvo Group and Daimler Truck have signed a non-binding agreement to create a 50/50 joint venture aimed at developing a software-defined vehicle platform that will amplify digital transformation. 


    The joint venture, which will be based in Gothenburg, Sweden, will see the partners develop a software-defined platform to be used by both brands, and potentially other partners, for truck and bus applications. The intended joint venture is designed to meet sustainability goals and customer expectations, by accelerating development and deployment, increasing volumes, and sharing costs.


    A final agreement is expected during 2024, with a goal to finalize the deal in Q1, 2025, subject to regulatory approvals.


    Read more about the joint venture between Volvo Group and Daimler Truck


    Volvo Group has created a joint venture with Renault Group and CMA CGM called Flexis SAS. Flexis will build battery electric commercial vehicles on a software-defined vehicle  (SDV) platform based on the Google Android OS. The first model will enter production in 2026 and serve as an important piece of the logistics journey, fulfilling last-mile deliveries, complementing Volvo Group's heavy and medium duty trucks.


    Read more about Flexis

    H2 Green Steel

    Our collaboration with H2 Green Steel, for near zero emission steel, is yet another step forward on Volvo Group's journey towards a net zero greenhouse gas value chain by 2040.  Volvo Group will purchase near zero emission steel produced in H2 Green Steel's new plant in Boden, Nothern Sweden, with deliveries starting in 2026.

    By replacing coal with green hydrogen powered by fossil-free electricity, water and heat become H2 Green Steel's primary emissions.


    Read more about our collaboration with H2 Green Steel

    Clean Energy Partnership

    Volvo Group has joined the Clean Energy Partnership - a strong industry partnership in pursuit of a goal: to establish green mobility with hydrogen and fuel cells.
    The partnership unites technology, petroleum and energy companies, gas producers, auto manufacturers and suppliers working together across industries and sectors to set standards across all modes of transport to create impact, and work toward effectively reducing CO2 emissions from road transportation.


    Read more about the Clean Energy Partnership

    Westport Fuel Systems

    In March 2024, Volvo Group and Westport Fuel Systems signed an agreement to accelerate the commercialization and global adoption of Westport’s High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDITM) fuel system technology for long-haul and off-road applications.

    HPDI enables the world's trucking and off-road equipment manufacturers to address the challenges of meeting the regulatory requirements of Euro 7 and the US EPA while offering end users affordable options that are powered by carbon neutral fuels like biogas, zero carbon fuels like green hydrogen and other renewable fuels. 


    Learn more about our partnership with Westport Fuel Systems


    Volvo Group and Ovako are collaborating on fossil-free hydrogen. Sweden’s largest fossil-free hydrogen facility to date was inaugurated on September 5, 2023, in Hofors. 

    The 20 MW plant will generate 3,880 cubic meters of fossil-free hydrogen per hour, and serve as model for future local production sites, helping to support the transition to fossil-free transportation using fuel cell and renewable fuel combustion propulsion technology solutions that Volvo Group are currently testing.


    Read more about the collaboration with Ovako


    ElectriCity is a cooperation for sustainable and electrified travel and transport. It is another example of how we build partnerships between industry, the public sector and academia.




    The three leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, Volvo Group, Daimler Truck and the TRATON GROUP have signed a non-binding agreement to install and operate a high-performance public charging network for battery electric heavy-duty long-haul trucks and coaches across Europe, under the brand name Milence.




    Cellcentric is a 50:50 joint venture between Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group It is responsible for all activities along the entire value chain for fuel cell systems: from research and development through production to marketing of fuel cells to areas of application - even outside vehicles.




    Volvo Autonomous Solutions is partnering up with industry pioneer Aurora to develop and scale safe and efficient autonomous transport solutions with the Aurora Driver and Volvo’s on-highway truck offering. The partnership’s initial focus is a hub-to-hub applications for North America.


    Read more about the collaboration


    Samsung SDI

    Volvo Group and Samsung SDI have a strategic alliance to develop battery packs for Volvo Group’s electric trucks. Working with Samsung SDI, Volvo Group aims to accelerate the speed of development, and strengthen the long-term capabilities and assets within electromobility to benefit our customers across truck segments and markets.


    Read more about the collaboration


    Volvo Group have signed a partnership agreement with BASF that will enable even more innovations in low-carbon materials, such as recycled plastics. To show our transparency in working together towards a net zero value chain, the agreement was signed on a clear container with certified Biomass Balanced Polyamide granules—or fossil-free plastic—inside.




    Volvo Group and SSAB have signed a collaboration agreement on research, development, serial production and commercialization of the world’s first vehicles to be made with both fossil-free and scrap-based near zero emission steel.


    Read more about the collaboration with SSAB

    SEEL – The Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory


    Volvo Group has entered a collaboration with the Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory, SEEL with the intention of helping to improve knowledge-building and cooperation in the acceleration of electromobility and establishing a sustainable and competitive battery value chain in Sweden and across Europe. The testing facilities will support energy storage, powertrain, and safety critical battery testing.


    Read more about the collaboration with SEEL



    Societal partnerships

    Our collaborative approach means we place importance on helping to shape the world we want to live in and increase the pace of transition to a net-zero world. We do this in many ways. One such way is through our societal partnerships with organization such as the First Movers Coalition, the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, the Road Freight Zero coalition, CALSTART's Drive to Zero Campaign and more.

    Read about our societal partnerships here

    Co-creation and acceleration


    We believe that the future is dependent on the brilliant minds of today. As such, we are engaged with multiple start-up hubs, accelerators, and academic partners, with the express aim of driving innovation forward. By actively encouraging investment in tomorrow's innovations we create the potential for groundbreaking new products, services and solutions. You can read more about our approach below.



    The choices we make today will define the world we will live in tomorrow. That’s why we invite partners, including customers, start-ups, suppliers, academia, and authorities, to collaborate with Volvo Group in the development of future transport and infrastructure solutions. In a fast-changing technology landscape and global economy, collaboration and diversity are essential in  increasing speed and solving societal challenges. We have CampX hubs in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lyon in France, Greensboro in the United States, and Bangalore in India.


    Read about CampX

    Innovation Lab

    Innovation Lab is the place to identify, explore and validate new ideas and new business opportunities, driven by trends in society. Our Innovation Lab works closely with the truck divisions and business areas in Volvo Group, as well as partners, customers and start-ups. It’s a place with a lot of energy, where we have fun and accelerate ideas all the way to market.


    Read about Innovation Lab

    Volvo Group Graduate Programs

    These programs are designed for graduates who want to shape the future of transportation and enjoy the exciting opportunities of interacting with people from around the world. We offer a palette of international graduate programs tailored to meet your needs that are designed to help you excel.

    Read more about our graduate programs


    Volvo Group Academic Partner Program

    The Academic Partner Program (APP) is a Volvo Group strategic long-term initiative to support the delivery of the group’s vision by connecting Volvo Group expertise with global academic research and innovation environments in critical technology areas.

    Volvo Group Academic Partner Program

    Listen to Natalie Noah talk about her career following the Volvo Group Graduate Program

    Other innovation partnerships


    Our partner DRIVE is a leading innovation center for smart mobility technologies. At DRIVE, start-ups gain meaningful market opportunities while Volvo Group is provided with early insights into the start-ups’ cutting edge technologies.



    MobilityXlab is a strategic partnership with six global players; Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Zenseact, Veoneer and CEVT. MobilityXlab offers start-ups with pioneering ideas the opportunity to accelerate with at least two of the partner companies.

    Mobility Xlab

    AI Sweden

    AI Sweden is a national centre designed to accelerate innovation and research in practically-applied Artificial Intelligence. Volvo Group is one of the partners.

    AI Sweden

    Volvo LIGHTS

    The Volvo LIGHTS project will demonstrate the ability of battery electric vehicles to improve freight and warehouse efficiencies, reduce emissions and improve public health – particularly in disadvantaged communities. It will transform freight operations in two of the United States’ top trucking fleets.

    Volvo LIGHTS

Volvo Technology Award

At Volvo Group we place a premium on innovation. Our Annual Volvo Technology Award is a mark of recognition for outstanding innovation and technical advances made by Volvo Group employees.

In 2022 the winner was the team behind the world's first production-ready heavy-duty battery electric truck.


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