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We are taking responsibility for shaping the next generation of people at work. We passionately believe in the importance of investing in talented young people and preparing them for their careers by offering job opportunities for students. Being offered one of the many opportunities for students, you get the chance to discover more about yourself and your aspirations for the future.

Take the first steps in your career

Volvo employment opportunities are based on trust. We trust you to do your very best, always with the coaching and recognition from teammates and leadership. We want to see your potential, and we believe that is best achieved by enabling you to make an impact. When you grow – we all get better. Volvo Group always needs new ideas and perspectives.


As a truly global company we appreciate your passion and enthusiasm to learn, and greatly value diversity in our teams. Bring everything you are. Together we will shape the world we want to live in.

Graduate programs

With major technological changes ahead, there have never been more exciting times working with transport and infrastructure solutions. 

Join us in driving prosperity 

Whether your heart beats for Operations, IT, Finance or Engineering, our Volvo global graduate programs are tailored to meet your needs and designed to make you excel.

Your ambition to grow – professionally and personally – is what makes our company prosper. And as a truly global organization, through our international graduate programs we offer you a world of career development opportunities to explore! Every year, we welcome 100+ graduates to our graduate trainee programs. Feel free to browse these pages to get to know us and discover which program would suit you best.


Each year, we welcome thousands of talented young people to start a Volvo internship or apprenticeship.

Try out your skills in the business world

We believe that the best way to learn a profession in our industry is to closely study and work together with some of the brightest minds within your field. Our internship opportunities range from one month to three years and cover all our professions from engineering all the way to commercial and business administration. No matter where in the Volvo Group organization you choose to do your internship – you will change the future working with our transport and infrastructure solutions.

Top 5 reasons why students choose us

“It gave me an idea of what I want to do in my professional life.” That is a comment we get all the time when people finish a Volvo Group internship. This shows how an internship can give you perspective and get you started in a variety of potential careers.

It is not uncommon that interns stay on once their internship is finished. Just look at the examples in the stories below. Our internship opportunities can be the start of a long-term relationship with Volvo Group. Whatever you choose, a Volvo internship will be a great addition to your resume.

Every year we recruit thousands of interns and apprentices. We know how important it is to match every applicant with the right team for the internship to succeed. We also know that diversity strengthens us, and we always try to bring out the best in everyone.


A Volvo Group internship is a chance to make your mark and really contribute. It is also a commitment from both sides. We take your internship experience seriously and guide you through it. What we want in return is your commitment and contribution.

At Volvo Group we strongly believe that employees should be in charge of their own work and individual needs. Hence, we offer different programs to make the challenge of combining work and private life easier. Of course, this philosophy extends to the internship opportunities as well.

Summer jobs

Summer work with us could be your perfect step into the labour market. These job opportunities for students are a great way for you to gain a hands-on experience to what it is like to work for a global company with operations in over 100 countries. It is also an opportunity for you to apply your skills across many different professions and to explore your ambitions for the future.

Summer Jobs

Summer jobs

Explore your potential in a global and diverse company

Are you studying at high school or college? Are you looking for a company where you can start building your career alongside your studies? Applying for one of our Volvo summer jobs could be the perfect first step into the job market. As a student, it is a great way to gain hands-on experience of working at a global company with operations in over 100 countries. It is also an opportunity for you to apply your skills across many professions and start realizing your ambitions. Take the chance to expand your resume. We look forward to receiving your application! 

Thesis work

Volvo Group has a long and successful tradition of working with students from various universities. 

Why choose us for your thesis project?

A Volvo thesis project can be a great step forward in your career, and also the start of a long relationship with us.


Tutoring thesis workers comes natural to us. Many of us have done our own thesis projects – some of us even here at Volvo Group. We understand the challenges you face, and take pride in answering your questions.


Doing Volvo thesis work often involves the opportunity to be on site. Not only does that give us a better understanding of your skills; you will get to know us better as well. We believe that a strong relationship leads to better thesis projects for all parties.


Thesis projects are posted on our job portal. We offer projects on different levels – Master thesis, Bachelor thesis and PhD thesis. If you do not find a project suitable for your area of interest, we are open to define other opportunities together with you.

Thesis student Andreas Karlsson

“A great chance to put learning into a practical context.”

To have the support of a large company opens up a lot of doors

Benefits of writing a Volvo Master Thesis

At Volvo Group, we are working with sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions. We are reshaping the cities of tomorrow working with areas such as Automation, Connectivity and Electromobility. There are around 11,500 employees in our research and development department. By doing your thesis project at Volvo Group, you become a part of our exciting journey towards the future.


Volvo Group has a long experience in joining forces with thesis workers. In Sweden, around 200 theses are written every year together with us. We have many senior hiring managers and tutors. Their knowledge and skills will help you develop your ideas and sharpen your findings.


Regardless if you want to do a Volvo Bachelor thesis, a Volvo Master thesis, or a Volvo PhD thesis – we believe that our aspiration to move forward and constantly working together to improve will appeal to you.

Explore thesis openings 

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