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At Volvo Group we offer a broad range of career paths that span a variety of disciplines. From brand and strategy work to operations, and everything in-between. Below you'll find two specific areas where we are currently recruiting, some information on how to make your job application stand out and a list of FAQs.


Become a part of our sustainable solutions team!

Imagine yourself working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the transport and infrastructure industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable transport solutions that will change the future of society. ​ We can promise you some really skilled colleagues and some truly demanding tasks from day one.​ Whether you are a Software Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Function Owner or a Java Developer – there are engineering jobs where you can make a real difference. Join Volvo Group for an exciting technology career.​

"I loved hearing stories about engineering"

Electromobility careers at Volvo Group

Digital & Information Technology

Do you have what it takes to develop solutions for a better tomorrow?

Welcome to Digital & IT – the hub for digital development within the Volvo Group

Here, where innovation meets ambition, and where every member of our team plays a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation and infrastructure solutions.

At Volvo Group we're not just breaking new grounds – we're paving them. Imagine working with cutting-edge technologies in a global team, with members in more than 30 countries. We are dedicated to leading the way of tomorrow’s transport solutions, guided by a strong customer mindset and high level of curiosity. Here, you will thrive in your career in an environment where your voice is heard and your ideas matter. 

Get to know our main tech areas

We have a clear ambition: to shape the future landscape of sustainable transportation. Volvo Group is accelerating the shift towards an ever more data-driven organization and integrating digital technologies as a natural part of everything we do. We rely heavily on our ability to collect and manage data and to use insights from data to build new, more efficient, safe and productive services and solutions.

Those who kick-start their Digital & IT careers at Volvo Group will contribute to shaping our future innovations and advance our digital breakthroughs. 

Software development & Architecture

We develop software that makes our transport and infrastructure solutions stand out. We create products that enable our customers to succeed and we design applications for our own business needs. We solve our tasks in different ways – many of our teams have an agile work process and benefit from cross-functionality. Our work gives us an essential advantage to solve issues that meet the increasingly complex demands made by Volvo Group’s global market. Working with embedded software development is also an opportunity to make your mark on the future of transport solutions. 


Explore Javascript jobs

Data & AI

Data plays a fundamental role in enabling the Volvo Group ambitions for 2030, as data "fuels” digital services. We ingest and process large amount of data in cloud-enabled Unified Data Platform in which it is modelled according to our common Volvo Group Data Model. We ensure data compliance, security and quality and make it available as data products, which can be consumed as advanced analyses, dashboards or enable development of new smart applications. We utilize machine learning algorithms, including analytical and generative AI, to find hidden patterns in data, predict future trends or generate content. This allows us to develop new digital services for our customers and improve productivity of already existing transport solutions and internal processes. 

Infrastructure & operations

We have been providing first-class IT solutions since the concept was born. Our size and global experience make us a powerhouse. The world around us is changing, and so are we. Be a part of our ongoing journey to stay ahead and gain the edge that supports our organization. We enhance our business through IT infrastructure and end-user services, service management and support, network and cloud services, and onsite services for factories and warehouses. Secure the global provision and support of all needed infrastructure services for the Volvo Group.


Our vehicles, systems and applications are more advanced than ever, but they must still be easy to understand and use. Working with UX & UI at Volvo Group, you will create intuitive workplaces for the transport industry and make traffic safer, more efficient and sustainable. Through design and UX, we meet the needs of our customers in a better way. 

Cyber Security

Within the cyber security area we have the commitment to establish world class operational cyber resilience and security. Secure security operations by monitoring, detecting and responding to IT Security incidents and threats Drive security architecture governance and build and sustain technology thought leadership within the security domain.

Product Owner

The Digital & IT community took an important step forward to industrialize our operating model and product management, to create value through the entire product lifecycle. Within our new ways of working, digital product owners have a crucial role in change management, cross-functional collaboration, leadership and more. This framework enables our digital experts to set the main focus on our business opportunities, needs and capabilities.

Explore our global presence and main job openings 

Not sure what you are looking for yet? All Volvo careers in Digital & IT are linked together. Your skillset might be valuable for several different positions and functions. IT professionals make a difference at Volvo Group – the innovative work we do is already out there, shaping the world we want to live in. 

Whether you are a UX Designer, AI Expert, Embedded Software Engineer, Product Owner, Cybersecurity Professional, Systems Architect, Scrum Master, Data Scientist or a Java Developer, you will find the right fit within our digital community. 

Discover the possibilities with Volvo Group

Join Volvo Group and make a real difference in the world

Join the sharpest minds and make a digital impact for a sustainable future

Get to know our main tech competences and meet our employees. Our passion for people is the driving force behind our achievements. Be a part of this exciting transformation with a company that fosters a culture of trust and passion, and values your work-life balance.

Working here never stops being challenging or fun

Working as a software developer at Volvo Group

Passionate about science, technology and automotive


Discover a career in Purchasing



High performing purchasers

Are you ready for a job where you have the power to make a real difference? Last year our purchases of goods and services amounted to 200 billion SEK.

This gives us – and you – the power to shape the world we want  to live in. 

Share your knowledge and experience

Paul Herbach is a Senior Buyer and Carbon Advisor within the Fossil Free team, where he can use his experience to help shape our future.

A place to grow

Ilvana Delic is a Manager within Volvo Group Purchasing. Learn why she enjoys working within Purchasing, and why she has stayed for so long.

Be part of an industry in transformation

Wissam Ait Sidi Hammou is  a manager within Electromobility at Volvo Group Purchasing  where she gets to be part of an industry in transformation.

The power to make a difference

Fredrik Hamnén is a Senior Buyer within Volvo Group Purchasing, a job where he really feels he can make a difference.

Contribute to a
better future

Måns Löfås is a Senior Buyer at Volvo Group Purchasing, where he contributes to a better future in the decisions he makes in every day.

No day is the same

For Karin Lundberg, no day is the same. She works strategically to optimize growth and build resilient supplier partnerships.

Move the world with us

Jobs in Purchasing

Imagine yourself working with some of the sharpest and most creative minds in the transport and infrastructure industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable transport solutions that will change the future of society. You will be joining a global network of over 1,500 professionals, spread across 50 sites in 25 countries. Our dynamic community is united by one powerful purpose – shaping the world we want to live in.



Job application tips

Discover what we are looking for and how to stand out in your job application.

Some tips to get that job!

Here are some general tips for applying for a job at Volvo, and  some frequently asked questions about our hiring process.


Your application gives us the big picture of who you are and can be your entry ticket to a career at Volvo Group. All our job ads include the criteria that you need to meet. You should only apply if you think you meet the criteria described in the ad. You can apply for several positions at the same time. Your profile will be available in the system for all applications. Your cover letter can be modified for each application.


A standard application consists of a cover letter and a resume, if more documentation is needed it will be specified in the job ad. You can apply without signing up for an account. Once you have sent your application you will get an email as a confirmation.


There is no one best way to construct a cover letter and resume, they are your documents and your way of marketing yourself. Here are some simple job application tips by our recruiters to help you prepare your application towards a future career at Volvo Group.

Why are you the best fit for the job?

Cover letter tips

This is your opportunity – in one page maximum - to tell us why you are applying for the specific position and why you think you are a perfect match. Use your own words, avoid using a standard message and repeating words from the job ad. Provide concrete examples to illustrate what you have to offer. Highlight your strengths and remember to be honest. There is no need to over do it - be yourself, that is the best thing you can show us!


Resume tips

Make it informative and have a clear layout. Don’t leave gaps, write it in a chronological order, starting with your current or latest position. Just like your letter, your resume should tell us who you are, make it ”talk”. We recommend a maximum of 2 pages.

Before, during, and after your interview

Prepare before the interview

Practice makes perfect! Practice until the story you would like to tell flows. Use examples to highlight your skills and who you are as a person. The interview questions we at Volvo will ask you will cover everything from what gives you energy, to your successes and failures. How you get inspiration and how you inspire others.


Be prepared for questions on your technical experience as well as your personal traits and competencies. A perfect match goes two ways and so does the interview. It is your opportunity to show yourself and your skills set but also ask us questions that matter to you. Read in and prepare the topics you would like to discuss with us.

Interview – show us your passion

As a company we draw our strength from different personalities, backgrounds, skills. Tremendous energy and passion come with our diverse perspectives. They are essential to making smart decisions, building innovative teams and ultimately making our company purpose come true.


Approach each interview like a discussion with a current co-worker. Your skills are of course important but we are also interested in the person that you are - what makes you ”tick”, what you are passionate about and how we can be a perfect match.

Be yourself during the interview

Preparation is key to feeling confident and showing the best of you during the interview. It can be conducted either by the Hiring manager, Human Resources Business Partner or a Recruiter. The first interview can be face-to-face, by video or by phone. If selected as one the final candidates you will most likely be invited for additional interviews.


In order to keep our candidates, recruiters and hiring managers safe during the pandemic, we frequently run our interviews digitally using an application to connect with you by computer, tablet or smartphone. If you are invited for a digital interview you will receive appropriate instructions. The interview can be done either with audio and video or with audio only. To make the experience as comfortable as possible we would like you to prepare a few things:

  • Check your technical equipment ie secure an appropriate internet connection for a video call, test that your camera and microphone work well.
  • Sit in a private and quiet environment.
  • Come prepared by reading about Volvo Group and the position.

Volvo assessment tests

For some positions you will be asked to complete one or multiple online assessment tests. The tests assess both personality and ability. Take your time to answer the tests and feel free to ask for clarification.

Recruitment process

What to expect when applying for a job

Join us in shaping tomorrow’s world

There are many ways to start a career, and your career at Volvo Group starts with our recruitment process. For us, it is important that every recruitment is a perfect fit for everyone – you and us both. Our hiring process steps are designed to ensure just that.


At Volvo Group, our workplace is global, and so are our objectives. We are shaping the world and driving prosperity with our transport and infrastructure solutions. We are always on the lookout for new talents who want to join our strong teams.


Together we strive to create an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute to their full potential and be accepted for who they are. Life at Volvo Group is an opportunity to grow. We offer various training programs that give you keys to propel your career to the next level.

Explore our open positions to find the job opportunities that best suit your talent and aspirations. We welcome an application for the positions for which you meet the criteria described in the job ad. There are no blueprints for a good Volvo application – who you are as a person is what matters the most. 

How it works

1. Explore our job openings

Search for open positions on our website to find a position that suits your qualifications, talents, and aspirations. There are often a wide range of different needs across Volvo Group. We are a global company. Your skillset may be needed at a nearby location, but if you are open to move, we have lots of possibilities and job openings across the world. Every job opening available to external applicants is posted on our webpage.


2. Apply

Always check the job requirement before you apply. Create your personal profile on our website and start your job search right away. Once you find an interesting job opening, click on “Apply” . We recommend that you keep both your resume and cover letter short, specific and clear – maximum one page for cover letter and two for resume. The cover letter is your opportunity to tell us why you are applying for the specific position and why you think you are a perfect match.  

You can always update your profile at a later stage. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as we have received your application. We will take the necessary time to study all applications.

3. Interview

If you are being considered for a job, we will meet for a first interview, in person, via video conference, or on the phone. In the current context, we conduct many interviews by video as our priority is to keep our employees and candidates safe. The first interview is our chance to get to know you. We will ask questions about your professional skills as well as your personal traits. We want to know who you are as a person, and how you can contribute to our team.

It is our strong belief that an organization draws strength from different personalities, backgrounds and skills. So, do not be nervous – just be yourself! For more tips on how to prepare for the interview, click here. After this first meeting, if the match is good, the following steps include second interviews, assessments and references.


4. Final selection

If there is a match between us, you will be notified about your selection by receiving an employment contract from us. Get ready to work in a fast pace environment where we thrive on teamwork, open dialogue and learning every day. We look forward to your contribution to our culture of high performance, to the success of our customers and to making a difference for society. Should the particular position you applied for did not end up as a match, you will be notified.


5. Welcome

Our hiring process is not finished just yet! It is important that you quickly become a part of your new team. We have extensive onboarding programs to make sure that you can make a difference from day one. Your career at Volvo Group has just begun, and we look forward to seeing you grow with us. Our global presence opens up for a number of opportunities for employees who want to thrive in new places. And, our own corporate university – Volvo Group University – offers competence development in an easily accessible way for all our employees.

Frequently asked questions

You'll find answetrs to some of the more common questions we receive below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we post all open positions available for external applicants on our careers site.

View open positions

At this point we only accept applications on our open positions.

No, you can easy apply without an account. Signing up for an account is a good tip if you apply for multiple positions and would like to handle your documents in an easy way.

We advise you to keep the resume on two pages and cover letter on one page.

Yes, you are welcome to apply on all positions you find to be a good match for you. However, you can only apply once to a specific job post. 

This will depend on what position you have applied for. The lead time can be affected by various conditions, for example the number of applicants. We always strive to work as fast and efficiently as possible with our recruitments. As soon as we have information from the recruiting organization we will contact you.

For some positions you will be asked to record an online video interview. This is done through a specific online tool with preset questions. Please note that only the recruitment team and hiring manager at Volvo Group will review your video. 

Congratulations! This probably means that we are interested in you and would like to know more about you. The tests help us understand more about you and your potential fit for the position. After you have done the tests you will be given a feedback on the outcome. Our recruiters will be happy to help you if you have any questions. 

Yes, we do. Please visit our career section for students.

Yes, we offer a great variety of opportunities globally, please visit our job portal.

Yes, you will get both on the job training and formal training during your employment. Our Volvo Group University offers more than 2,000 different global and local quality assured training opportunities on the core areas you need to develop today and tomorrow.

When applying you will receive a confirmation mail with instructions on how to sign up for an account at Volvo Group. Use this account to access your application documents.

No, we only accept applications through the job portal using an applicant tracking system.

Yes, in some of our countries we have this function available. Click on the Bell symbol in the upper right corner on the job portal for instructions, or sign up to our newsletter 'Talent Pool'.

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