Giving our customers an unforgettable experience

Antonio Nicoletti is working with the customer programme during the world's toughest sailing competition, the Volvo Ocean Race. “This is a global customer event out of the ordinary. Through the race we have the chance to interact with our customers, over several days”, he says.
He gives the customers an unforgettable experience

Antonio Nicoletti, sales management,Volvo Trucks, Sweden, is a part of a working group that puts together the customer programme during the race.

“The Volvo Ocean Race is a full conference programme. In all, customers spend around six hours a day learning and networking. We are tasked with putting together an itinerary that’s holistic and helps our customers’ grow their business and raise profitability.”

Why does the Volvo Group co-host the Volvo Ocean Race?
“Relationships are the very essence of our business. Through the Volvo Ocean Race, we have the chance to interact with our customers, over several days. We can listen to their needs and share our expertise. Visits to the race village allow customers to experience the Volvo brand values and its range: from buses and trucks, to construction equipment, marine engines and industrial engines. Being able to show that breadth is a big advantage!”

What types of customers attend?
“There is no typical attendee: they span from single-vehicle owners, to owners of huge fleets. The customers who attend are most often invited through dealers, so we depend on them to make the call. One thing I know that customers appreciate is being able to interact and learn from their industry peers.

“Meeting others can also lead to sales. In the previous race, we sold trucks to one customer in large part because of a conference session in which several other customers gave positive feedback.”

What is arranged for customers?
“Customers pay to attend the Volvo Ocean Race, just like they would to attend a conference. So, we present them with a full programme: lectures from experts, workshops, site visits, visits to the race village. We really sweat the details of the customer experience, because we want to give them that “little bit extra” which makes the experience both seamless and unforgettable. Our customers trust us to give them an experience that is truly out of the ordinary.”

What are you looking forward to in this edition of the race?
“I’m really looking forward to the sailing. I love that aspect of the event and I hope it’s a good race. There’s also been a lot of customer interest in Hong Kong, which is a new port. The added racing opportunities in the home port of Gothenburg are also going to make that a destination to watch.”