Volvo is planning to build electric roads in western Sweden

The Volvo Group, Alstom and NCC have together formed the VästSvenska Elvägar (West Sweden eRoads), which has submitted a proposal to The Swedish Transport Administration to build an electric road for demonstration in western Sweden.
Volvo plans to build electric roads in western Sweden

The Swedish Transport Administration has been given an assignment by the government to broaden the knowledge base for electric roads. They have asked for tenders from stakeholders who are willing to build a demonstration facility on a public road in Sweden. VästSvenska Elvägar is one of the stakeholders who are now chosen to submit a more detailed proposal going forward.

In the consortium, the Volvo Group contributes with technology and competence in the field of electric vehicles and Alstom with electric road technology based on proven technology used for the propulsion of trams. Both companies have previously developed a test environment for electric roads to evaluate the transfer of energy between road and vehicle.

Through its involvement in eRoadArlanda, NCC has developed construction methods for electric roads.

The new consortium also includes close to 20 private and public companies, municipalities and academic institutions as partners or as participants in a reference group with an interest in the technology.

The demonstration facility will be integrated in a public road with the purpose of developing, testing, verifying and displaying new solutions for electrical engineering.

“The Volvo Group currently offers full-electric buses and trucks for city traffic. Electric roads can be one way to cope with emissions-free transport on longer distances. But if we are to succeed, we need a broad collaboration between different actors in society and therefore an initiative such as this one is important, "says Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer, Volvo Group.

This is how Volvo Group works with electromobility.

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