Achieving a healthy work-life balance

Juggling work with a private life and family isn’t always easy. At Volvo Group we believe that good communication and trust, together with supportive employee benefits, provide the basis for a healthy work-life balance. Sarah Townsend, Analyst, Parts & Services Financing, is very happy with the work culture at Volvo Group – a company she’s proud to describe as socially conscious.
Achieving a healthy work-life balance
Sarah Townsend, to the left, together with a friend at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Sarah, how does Volvo Group help to improve your work-life balance?

My current leader supports me taking a day or two a month as more of a personal day – whether it be to run errands or take my dog over to a trail for a hike. It matters to me that my leader is supportive of my overall well-being.
There is not an expectation that I check my email while I’m on vacation, instead a backup contact can handle any emergent issues.


Which employee benefits help you to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance?

The Earned Time Off package (ETO) has definitely had an impact in encouraging a good work-life balance.

With previous companies, I often found myself rationing my vacation and sick days. I could even find myself in a situation where I ran out of days before the year was over. With the ETO offer from Volvo Group, I can take time, not just for vacations, but also to take a day to catch up on personal matters which helps keep me from becoming overwhelmed.


As a caregiver to two elderly parents, I also see the value in the Family Leave benefit. It matters to me that, should I need it in the future, I’m able to take up to two weeks for a qualified situation without having to use ETO.


What experience have you had with career mobility within Volvo Group?

Volvo Group encourages career mobility and I enjoy being coached and developed so that I not only grow in my career, but also in my professional skillset. I have worked for other firms where there was a ceiling in terms of career mobility. However, with the overall size of the Volvo Group and its various organizations, career mobility is encouraged and supported.


What does Volvo Group mean to you?

Volvo Group is home for me professionally. I truly enjoy the culture of the business and I’m proud to work for an employer that is as socially conscious as Volvo Group is – whether it is partnering in India to help build COVID hospitals, or the resources and support provided by my European colleagues to help those affected by the crisis in Ukraine. I have also had the privilege to work with – and for – truly amazing individuals, some of whom I am proud to call friends, outside of Volvo Group as well.