Volvo Group Career Development Stories

Per Hellberg

New career at 55 – as a hydrogen safety expert

Very early on, Per Hellberg could see the huge potential of fuel cell technology. Anticipating the need for more expertise in hydrogen safety, he took the initiative to develop his competences, and is now the Volvo Group’s Hydrogen Safety Expert. “What we are working with will change the whole automotive industry,” he says.

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Ronette Stoner

From entry level to top level

In 1995, Ronette Stoner saw a job ad in her local paper for an entry level position as Financial Analyst at Mack Trucks. She applied and got the job, and 23 years later, she still finds new opportunities within Volvo Group. 

Her career has taken her to China, Belgium and now Sweden, and through a wide range of different roles and challenges. The challenges play an important role in keeping Ronette within Volvo Group for so long. When given the opportunity, she has been quick to take on new roles and move into other parts of the businesses.

“Volvo Group is connected to my DNA – its values are my values . It’s always felt like a natural fit. I appreciate the respect for individuals and the way people are treated with trust and transparency. I’ve never felt labelled or limited in any way. I can do anything, go anywhere, as long as I’m willing to try hard enough ,” she says. And Ronette is not planning to leave the Volvo Group anytime soon. “I’ve accomplished so much personally, but I’m not done yet!”

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David Mcbane

Growing knowledge and network by working abroad

After completing a nine-month short term assignment (STA) with Volvo Financial Services Australia in Brisbane, Australia, David McBane has returned to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Temporarily relocating to the other side of the world was not an easy decision, but ultimately it proved to be the right one. “I liked the idea that Volvo Financial Services is part of a bigger company. We have the global reach of Volvo Group, yet we work in a closely-knit team. That really appeals to me,” David says.

When David was offered a STA in Volvo Financial Services Australia, he hesitated at first.“I’d just gotten married, so it was a tough decision. But in the end, it made sense to take this chance to grow my knowledge base and network within Volvo Group.”

Melanie Marshall

"I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone”

Melanie Marshall started out as Aftermarket Brand and Marketing Coordinator. Since then, she has had many opportunities to expand into new roles and responsibilities. Melanie recalls her job interview at Volvo Group Australia back in 2013: “From the minute I walked into the office in Brisbane, I knew I wanted the job,” she says.

“I had a fantastic boss, both empowering and open-minded. I’ve found Volvo Group very supportive with professional development and life skills,” she continues. After visiting Gothenburg, Sweden as part of her induction program, Melanie knew she wanted to go back. “I’ve always talked about moving to Sydney or Melbourne, but it never happened. When I said I wanted to move to Sweden, people were skeptical,” Melanie recalls.

In 2016, she accepted a position with the International Sales area in Gothenburg. “I’m finally here. It’s a different culture and work life, and I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It’s not only a great career opportunity, it’s a life experience.”

Qiao Hua

A scholarship with many opportunities

After graduating from the top-tier Fudan University in Shanghai, Qiao Hua was awarded the Volvo Group Scholarship. Targeting students from China and India, the scholarship helps finance a master’s degree at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden. As part of the scholarship, Qiao was offered a summer job, a mentor and a thesis opportunity at Volvo Group. “It’s a package of four fantastic things,” she says.

Then, Qiao was one of 22 graduates chosen globally to be part of the Volvo Group International Graduate Program. During the program she has been working for Volvo Group Logistics Services in Gothenburg. Her task has been finding material and measuring key performance indicators. The work included both high-level strategy and hands-on experience, and it was an eye-opener for her:

“Starting out, I had an idea of Volvo Group as an engineering company, but I’ve found there are a lot of opportunities to develop as a business major here.”

Divya Balasubramanian

A good eco system for growth

Back in 2007, electrical engineer Divya Balasubramanian saw a Volvo CE articulated dump truck at a trade exhibition. Intrigued, she looked Volvo Group up – and that is how the story began. Frequent opportunities to work in new areas and roles, along with support and open dialogues with her managers, are the key factors for Divya to stay with Volvo Group.

“I wanted to be a project manager, but my manager thought I was better suited to team leadership. Still, he let me try and let me discover for myself that I’m a people person, not a task person,” Divya says.

In 2016, Divya and her family relocated to Gothenburg, Sweden where she leads a team within Group Trucks Technology. At first, she found the transition difficult, but support from colleagues has helped turned things around. “It is a very open culture, which helps, but it is up to you to seek support – this is something I’ve learnt since moving here. Volvo Group is a good eco system if you want to grow,” she says.

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