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  • For Loic Boudarel it was never obvious that he would pursue a career as a purchaser. But now, three years down the line, he is very clear that he doesn’t want to change path any time soon and is thriving in his role as a buyer within Volvo Group.

  • Juggling work with a private life and family isn’t always easy. At Volvo Group we believe that good communication and trust, together with supportive employee benefits, provide the basis for a healthy work-life balance. Sarah Townsend, Analyst, Parts & Services Financing, is very happy with the work culture at Volvo Group – a company she’s proud to describe as socially conscious.

  • “The best thing about working at Volvo Group is the diversity, which I think is beneficial to our business and increases the commitment of employees. Here at Tuve, we have colleagues with different backgrounds and skills - you can be yourself and everyone is equally welcome.”

  • “I started working at Volvo as an apprentice when I was 14. The work environment, the relationships we establish with people, the opportunities for development that I have are things that make me come to work and want to develop more every day” says Christian De Jesus Camilo, Factory Operator, Volvo Buses, Brazil

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    Richard Oncena

    Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Richard Oncena moved to the USA in 2002. In 2014, having worked with Architecture and Engineering design firms specializing in high-tech laboratories for many years, he was the perfect candidate for the vacant position of Property Project Manager at Volvo Group in Hagerstown.

  • After applying for a position in 1995, Ronette Stoner’s long journey with Volvo Group has taken her from the US to China, Belgium and Sweden. Her career in finance has involved taking a wide range of roles and challenges. “I can do anything, go anywhere, just as long as I’m brave and willing to try,” she says.

  • When Priya moved from India to Sweden, her aim was to work for the Volvo Group. She wanted to grow as a professional in a multicultural environment while working at the forefront of technology development. At Volvo Group Connected Solutions she found what she was looking for.

54 matches

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