Electromobility careers at Volvo Group

Calling all Electrical Engineers, Systems Architects, Test Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Developers, and Project Managers – your passion and expertise are crucial in transforming the industry.

We offer commercial electric solutions for Volvo Buses, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Penta. Our mission is to deliver the best electric propulsion system on the market for Volvo Group.

Seize the opportunity today to be a driving force in shaping the mobility solutions of tomorrow.










What innovations will you ignite?

Climate change is the challenge of our generation. Our planet struggles under the weight of increasing emissions, yet the need for transportation continues to grow due to population increase, urbanization, and the rise of e-commerce. At Volvo Group, we recognize our duty as a leader in the transport and infrastructure industry.


We've committed to a journey towards 100% fossil-free vehicles by 2040. Electrifying heavy-duty vehicles is a crucial part of this mission. To succeed, we need to develop faster, more powerful charging systems, optimize energy storage, enhance the efficiency of electric propulsion, and improve motor drive systems. But most importantly, we need visionary minds, problem solvers, and creative designers ready to engineer smarter solutions and redefine how we power transportation.


Are you ready to become a champion of transformation in the dynamic field of electromobility?



"Here at electromobility, it’s like a startup, but we have the backing of a well-established company that knows how to industrialise products."

Emilia Al-Delemi, Vice President Electric propulsion system

Working with electromobility at Volvo Group

Be yourself

We believe in our people. We respect you regardless of who you are and welcome your unique perspectives to our electromobility teams. Our leaders are your trusted allies, ready to engage and support you. We are committed to equal opportunities, aiming to grow a diverse workforce, fostering inclusion and belonging.

Perform at your best

Passion for work is what moves us. We recognize that we are individuals with different ways of powering our ambitions. It's about making sure you are at your best when striving for peak performance. Collaboration is more than just a buzzword for us. Our global teams, based in Bangalore, Gothenburg and Greensboro, tackle challenges together, contributing to a dynamic and diverse work environment.

Evolve your career

Our Life-Long Learning approach is designed to enhance skills and competencies. Your growth within electromobility lies in solving complex tasks, learning as you go, and drawing wisdom from others. Grow and level up. Our engineering career path evolves with you. Your career is in your hands. 


Power the future

What set us apart is innovation driven by the synergy of cross-functional collaboration, creative research and development, and strategic partnerships. You are part of the journey from concept and validation to the ultimate product launch. Our collect expertise propels us forward to deliver the best electric propulsion system on the market.


Ready to take the next step?

Join our electromobility journey. Together, we'll pioneer next-gen technologies and redefine how we power transportation.

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