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The largest shareholders in AB Volvo are listed below. The table is updated quarterly.

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Ownership statistics

Volvo share statistics


Distribution of shares, December 31, 2022

 Number of shareholders% of total votes*Share of capital, %*
1-1,000 shares317,8612.93.2
1,001-10,000 shares51,6156.07.0
10,001-100,000 shares4,1653.45.0

Data per share (adjusted for issues and splits)1

Basic earnings, SEK116.0912.129.5017.6412.2510.086.477.421.031.775.448.75
Ordinary dividend, SEK7.0086.5086.0005.
Extraordinary dividend7.00816.0099.0005.000000000
Share price at year end (B share), SEK188.48209.65193.80156.90115.95152.70106.4079.1084.7084.4588.8075.30
Dividend yield (B share), %27.410.77.70
Effective return (B share), %31203335-214839-34-222-34
Price/earnings ratio (B share)411.713.
EBIT multiple57.28.312.
Payout ratio, %6871401580824150402911695534
Total equity, SEK7806972686154
Return on total equity, %20.723.413.827.021.320.514.918.
  1. Basic earnings per share is calculated as income for the period divided by average number of shares outstanding.
  2. Proposed dividend in SEK per share divided by share price at year end.
  3. Share price at year end, including proposed dividend during the year, divided by share price at beginning of the year.
  4. Share price at year end divided by basic earnings per share.
  5. Market value at year end less net financial position and non-controlling interests divided by operating income.
  6. Cash dividend divided by basic earnings per share.
  7. Total equity for shareholders in AB Volvo divided by number of shares outstanding at year end.
  8. Proposed by the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting 2023.
  9. Of which SEK 6.50 per share for 2021 and SEK 9.50 per share  relating to the distribution of the proceeds from the sale of UD Trucks paid out in July 2021.

Other share data

 202220212020 201920182017201620152014201320122011
Numbers of shareholders at year end374,185362,144283,731 250,798245,663240,521237,654234,989237,871246,265242,482251,715
Number of Series A shares outstanding at year end, million445445448 456457
Number of Series B shares outstanding at year end, million1,5881,5881,585 1,5771,5761,5731,5601,5461,5371,5301,5021,385
Average number of shares outstanding, million2,0332,0332,033 2,0332,0322,0322,0312,0302,0282,0282,0282,027
Number of Series A shares traded in Stockholm during the year, million41.188.165.7 43.851.846.767.251.786.353.045.4130.5
Number of Series B shares traded in Stockholm during the year, million967.51,065.91,407.6 1,146.11,293.81,341.31,667.92,052.12,068.71,878.52,081.22,944.1