Mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Production Planner

Two to three hours a week can really make a difference in somebody's life.

Five years ago I made the commitment to become a volunteer in our community, and research led me to Tom Kline and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Once the vetting process was complete I was introduced to my “little brother” Tim, an 11 year old boy selected as a match for me. Tim is now a high school sophomore and honor roll student, pursuing admission into the auto mechanic’s program at Tech High with aspirations to enlist in the military.

Serving as a mentor means building trust with a child by being consistent and reliable. Many of these children are withdrawn and have abandonment issues and must be encouraged to interact and communicate. Finding and developing their interests is a primary objective, and at times just being an adult they can count on fills a void in their lives and helps them develop. 

There are currently 25 at-risk children in the program who do not have a mentor because we lack volunteers. If you have as little as 2 or 3 hours a week, you may have what it takes. Interested in making a difference in a young person’s life? Just contact our local organization at bbbswcmd.org.