The next nine months can make a lifetime of difference.
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Volvo Group, India invites PhD students to a 9-month research capability development program
to build capacity and create a sustainable career in transportation and infrastructure.

The beauty of working for the transportation and construction industries is that you have the pride, power and privilege to reshape the world you want to live in - a world that is cleaner, safer, better, quieter and above all, sustainable. The opportunities are endless, possibilities are limitless for those who want to make a real difference in society for generations to come.

For decades worldwide, the Volvo Group has been at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our trucks, construction equipment, buses, and engines are an integral part of daily life and action – in public transport, for ferrying and fishing across stretches of waters, to mine precious metals and clearing trash material, for delivery of goods, electricity generation, marine leisure and rescue services, in every infrastructure building activity and housing project. What powers our products is a strong purpose, undying passion, fiercely innovative spirit and an inspiring work culture backed by cutting-edge technologies and some of the sharpest and most creative people in the field.

For the first time ever, Volvo Group India is introducing the Research Capability Building Program for PhD Researchers. A paid program spread over nine months, the program is a golden opportunity for Ph.D. candidates to apply their rich knowledge and research mindset in the areas of ElectromobilityEmbedded Systems, Data Science, Fuel Cells, Alternate Fuels, Connected Systems, Vehicle Security, IoT and Exhaust After Treatment Systems. They will get to work on some of the most advanced projects with distinguished engineers and leaders in design and development. Besides, they will also get an opportunity to work with global experts from the world of Volvo Group. They will also have the opportunity to apply for a permanent job within Volvo Group, India after completing five months in the program. 

Objective: To apply rich knowledge and research mindset and empower them to build rewarding and satisfying careers in the fields of transport and infrastructure.

Structure: Paid program of nine-month duration

Eligibility: PhD Scholars registered with any university in India or abroad in a relevant academic discipline, currently employed or doing projects in specifically identified areas.

Place of Work: Bangalore

Remuneration: To be decided by Hiring Manager / HR Business Partner based on skills, experience, patent values, and other considerations.

Special Reward: Opportunity to apply for a permanent job in Volvo Group India on completion of five months in the program

At Volvo Group India, the accent is always on providing a work environment that thrives on trust, transparency, collaboration and flexibility. Ours is a culture that is nurturing, committed, inclusive and empowering – equally passionate about work and work-life balance, and forever ready to foster learning, capability building and turning good ideas into meaningful actions. 

These are exciting times to be an engineer, especially in the brave new world of transport and infrastructure. And there is no better place to work than Volvo.  

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