Volvo Penta receives order worth SEK 400 M

Volvo Penta has concluded an agreement covering delivery of boat engines to the Swedish boat manufacturers Nimbus and Storebro and Norwegian Windy. The three-year contract is valued at a total of about SEK 400 M for Volvo Penta.
Nimbus is Sweden’s and Windy Norway’s largest manufacturer of leisure boats and combined with Storebro the leading producer in the prestige boat segment. The three companies have been cooperating for several years with the boat manufacturer Ryds in purchasing and technical matters in the joint company NSW Logistics Group.

An agreement has now been reached between Volvo Penta and NSW Logistics Group whereby Volvo Penta secures its position as the main supplier of boat engines to Nimbus, Windy and Storebro. Currently, Volvo Penta’s diesel engines are already installed in about 90 percent of Nimbus’ and Windy's boats and the agreement signed now secures deliveries of Volvo Penta’s engines for the next three years.

Among other items, the agreement means that Nimbus and Windy will install Volvo Penta’s Aquamatic engines exclusively, mainly diesel-powered, but also gasoline engines, in all their planing boats. The diesel engines are in the range of 2-4 liters and are manufactured in Volvo Penta’s plant in Vara. The gasoline engines are in the 3-9 liter range and are produced in Volvo Penta’s US plant in Lexington, Tennessee.

Other models from Nimbus, Windy and Storebro will to the greatest possible extent also be equipped with Volvo Penta engines, including the large diesel engines produced in the Volvo Group's engine plant in Skövde.

“We have mainly equipped our boats with Volvo Penta’s engines for many years and concluded that they are unbeatable in terms of performance and after-market service. Through concluding a long-term agreement, we can work closer with Volvo Penta and as a result participate in and influence the design of future engine programs,” says Lars Wiklund from Nimbus Boats AB and Knut Heiberg Andersen, President of Windy Boats AB, in a joint comment.

The contract is valued at a total of SEK 400 M for Volvo Penta and it confirms the strong sales trend for the company. With total sales of slightly more than SEK 6.5 billion and a profit of slightly less than SEK 500 M, last year was the most profitable in Volvo Penta’s history.