New irrigation engines from Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta has long been one of the leading suppliers of diesel engines for powering various types of irrigation systems. Engines that facilitate agriculture in areas where it would otherwise be impossible. At the Saudi Agricultural Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the company is unveiling a number of new engines: a 12-liter electronically controlled engine of not less then 500 hp, as well as a 5-liter and a 7-liter diesel. The new engines are instrumental in the company’s strategic emphasis on industrial drive systems in which irrigation and other stationary applications play a key role.
Irrigation is truly a global need, and Volvo Penta has been one of the leading suppliers for more than 30 years of diesel engines used to power pumps for various types of irrigation systems. The engines can also be used for generating electricity for the electrical motors used in the large pivot-type irrigation installations. The key markets are in the Middle East where more than 50,000 engines have been sold in the past 30 years, and also in Australia, Asia and North America where irrigation systems are an absolute prerequisite for food production and prosperity.

New electronic, low-emission 12-liter diesel
The new TAD1242 VE is a 12-liter diesel engine equipped with engine management system. This enables a combination of high output with low emissions, low fuel consumption and high dependability. The TAD1242 VE has an output of fully 500 hp, while fulfilling all the most rigorous current and future emission standards.

Efficient combustion is, in itself, the basis for the engine’s low emissions and fuel consumption. The TAD1242 VE is equipped with unit injectors that operate under very high pressure, 1,800 bar, and five-hole nozzles which efficiently atomize the fuel. The entire unit is controlled by the engine management system, EMS, which enables a highly exact control of injection. A comprehensive diagnosis system ensures that engine reliability is very high, service intervals long and that service is easy to perform.

The turbocharged TAD1242 VE features air-to-air intercooling, and the engine is also available in a version with water-to-air intercooling, TWD 1240 VE.

Reliable 5 and 7-liter diesels
The new 5-liter TD520 VE and 7-liter TD720 VE are two important additions to the engine program, and both are suitable for small and medium-size irrigation installations. With their high reliability and long service life, they are efficient and economical. The engines are both technically advanced, with individual injection pumps (one per cylinder), resulting in efficient combustion for low emissions and low fuel consumption. The engines meet current and future emission standards. Easily accessible service points, interchangeable wet cylinder linings and other refinements provide simplified maintenance.

All Volvo Penta engines for stationary applications (irrigation, conveyor-belt and the like) can be supplied with Powerpac. The engine is then delivered ready-assembled on a sturdy frame, with all controls, instrumentation and accessories mounted. This significantly facilitates installation for the customers and, in principle, all that is required is for a fuel tank to be added, and that it be connected to the unit to be powered.

Service and spare parts
Engines for irrigation frequently operate in inaccessible parts of the world. Volvo Penta can, through its dealer network, offer qualified service and access to spare parts in more than 130 countries.

Technical data

TAD1242 VE
Cylinders 6
Displacement 12.1 l.
Output (net) 500 hp/1,800 rpm
Torque 2,250 Nm/1,300-1,500 rpm
Weight, complete Powerpac 1,645 kg (dry)
1,720 kg (wet)

TWD1240 VE
Cylinders 6
Displacement 12.1 l.
Output (net) 400 hp/1,800 rpm
Torque 1,900 Nm/1,200 rpm
Weight, complete Powerpac 1,645 kg (dry)
1,720 kg (wet)

TD720 VE
Cylinders 6
Displacement 7.2 l.
Output (net) 155 hp/1,800 rpm
Torque 675 Nm/1,500 rpm
Weight, complete Powerpac 895 kg (dry)
935 kg (wet)

TD520 VE
Cylinders 4
Displacement 4.8 l.
Output (net) 103 hp/1,800 rpm
Torque 403 Nm/1,500 rpm
Weight, complete Powerpac 680 kg (dry)
720 kg (wet)

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