Successful launch in the Ukraine. Tugboat exceeds specified performance goals

Tug 802, the first in a series of three tugboats under construction at Chernomorsky Shipbuilding in the Ukraine, is now launched. Sea trials have been successful and the specified targets for thrust were exceeded. All of the engines onboard were supplied by Volvo Penta, which also delivered complementary equipment.
Chernomorsky Shipbuilding in Nikolajev, Ukraine, is one of Europe’s largest shipyards. Last year, Volvo Penta received a strategically very important order from the shipyard for 15 engines to three virtually identical tugboats. The order was important since it involved Volvo Penta becoming the main supplier, with responsibility for propulsion and auxiliary engines. This is possible as a result of Volvo Penta’s broad product range, with engines up to 1700 kW.

“This is the most complete delivery to date for Volvo Penta,” relates Magnus Gripenwald at Volvo Penta. “We have supplied twin main engines, two complete marine gensets, an engine for the fire pumps as well as mufflers, starting-air tank, coupling shafts and thrusters. The entire delivery package is classed in accordance with the Russian register.”

Successful tests
The tugboat has completed it first sea trials and everything proceeded as planned. The thrust was a full 46.5 tons, compared with the planned 45 tons; speed was as expected, and the mufflers and starting-air tank met specifications as well as the fire pump.

“Work with the tugboats is proceeding very well. The shipyard is highly professional and has placed demands on us as supplier with rigorous quality control of all components. It is clear that the focus is on quality is all aspects and the shipyard has great hopes of being able to sell additional tugboats,” says Magnus Gripenwald.

Tugboat 802 will now be delivered to the shipowner, Feodosia Sea Port on the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea. The sister ships, which will have somewhat higher power output, are under construction for delivery later this year.

Technical data:

Multi-purpose tugs
Length over all: 31.6 m
Beam: 9.7 m
Displacement: 3.1 m
Thrust: 45 tons
Free speed: 12 knots
Crew: 6
Classed in accordance with Russian RMOS

Propulsion: 2 x Volvo Penta D65A MT, each 1380 kW at 1650 rpm
Elec. Genset: 2 x Volvo Penta TAMD74A, each 150 kW at 1500 rpm
Fire pump: 1 x TAMD63L, 228 kW at 2800 rpm

Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard, Nikolajev, Ukraine

Feodosia Sea Port

May 2, 2002

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