Volvo Penta and Wärtsilä in Russian Best Partner agreement

Volvo Penta and Wärtsilä have signed a Best Partner agreement with the largest ownership group in the Russian shipyard industry, the OMZ (United Heavy Machinery – Uralmash-lzhora) Group.
In conjunction with the NEVA trade show in St. Petersburg Volvo Penta and Wärtsilä, were appointed so-called “Best Partners” to one of the largest ownership groups in the Russian ship industry, the OMZ Group.

“The Best Partner agreement does not involve any delivery undertaking from OMZ, but should be viewed more as recognition of Volvo Penta and Wärtsilä as good suppliers and as an expression of OMZ’s willingness to intensify cooperation with Volvo Penta.”, says Göran Gummeson, responsible for Volvo Penta’s marine diesel engines.

The agreement was signed with the subsidiary OMZ - Onshore & Offshore, which is responsible for managing of all shipbuilding activities of OMZ.

OMZ is Russia’s largest ownership group of shipyards, with owner interests in a substantial number of the most important shipyards and with customers worldwide. Production includes bulk carriers, oil tankers, patrol boats and tugs.

Earlier this year, Volvo Penta and Wärtsilä entered into a letter of intent covering potential cooperation for deliveries and service of engines to the commercial shipyard industry. Among other things, the cooperation should encompass Volvo Penta supply auxiliary engines to Wärtsilä to be used with Wärtsiläs’ large propulsion engines.