Two new electronically controlled 7-liter engines for electrical power generation from Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta is launching two new diesel engines for electrical power generation: TAD721GE at 180 kVA and TAD722GE at 200 kVA. The engines combine high output, low fuel consumption and minimal exhaust emissions with long service intervals. The EDC4 electronic engine control system contributes to the excellent properties and simplifies both parameter adjustments as well as integration with external electronic systems.
The engines, both straight sixes with a displacement of 7.2 liters, were unveiled at the Bauma industry trade show in Munich, which opened on March 29, 2004.

Electronic control system offers many possibilities
The comprehensive electronic control system – EDC4 – controls rpm and torque with a high degree of precision, monitors the engine system and sounds an alarm when operational problems arise.  This control system is developed by Volvo Penta.

Using the EDC4, generator set manufacturers can easily install a switch that allows the operator to switch the engine’s operating frequency between 50 Hz (1,500 rpm) and 60 Hz (1,800 rpm).  Other parameters can also be easily adjusted.  The engine can be operated using CAN-Bus technology for easy integration into larger systems, or in the traditional manner using a potentiometer.

Very high efficiency with few servicing needs
TAD722GE and TAD721GE are highly efficient.  An advanced fuel system with turbo, air-to-air charge-air cooler, unit pumps and the electronic controls all contribute to efficient fuel utilization.  The result is low fuel consumption and minimal exhaust emissions. Both engine specifications fulfill the requirements for TA air and EPA tier 2.

With an operating life of 500 hours between oil changes and 3,000 hours of operating time before the nozzles need to be checked, the new engines have very few servicing needs.  Service areas are located on the same side of the engine in order to maximize access.

Efficient cooling ensures that the engines can be used in outdoor temperatures of up to 60ºC.  Endurance to cold is also good with an ability to start as low as -15ºC without start assistance or down to -30ºC with start assistance.
Spare parts, service and expertise are always close at hand
Volvo Penta’s network of retailers and service technicians cover more than 100 countries.  Thanks to an efficient distribution system, spare parts can be delivered on short notice.
Volvo Penta is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy diesel engines.  Volvo’s engines are renowned for their high-tech performance, unsurpassed reliability and good environmental characteristics.

Technical Data

Engine designation:                    TAD721GE         TAD722GE
Electrical power 1500 rpm:        180 kVA             200 kVA
Electrical power 1800 rpm:        180 kWe              200 kWe
Configuration: Straight 6-cylinder diesel engine, turbo with air-to-air  charge-air cooler
Displacement: 7.2 l
Weight:  785kg Dry weight
Engine control system: EDC4
Exhaust emissions: Fulfills TA air and EPA stage 2

For more information, please contact: Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta,
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