Eco-award goes to Volvo’s cab factory

The Volvo Trucks cab factory in Umeå has received the local authority’s eco-award for 2006.
From left: Kjell-Arne Häggström - Environmental manager, Marie-Louise Rönnmark - Municipal Commissioner and Chairman of the Umeå Local Council and Tho
In its statement, the local authority cites the company’s long-term environmental investments which have resulted in a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide and solvents.

Environmental Affairs manager Kjell Arne Häggström and Public Relations manager Thor Persson of Volvo Trucks received the award at a ceremony in connection with a meeting of the local authority council.

“We have the world’s cleanest paintshop and we will continue with a firm focus on our pro-environmental work. Within a few years, we will be a carbon dioxide-free factory”, said Thor Persson at the awards ceremony.

The jury’s statement:
“Volvo Trucks has done admirable work on behalf of the environment and in support of sustainable development, with consequences that are felt both locally and globally through reductions in carbon dioxide and solvent emissions. The aim is to continue to be the world’s cleanest paintshop in its industry and in the near future a factory entirely free of fossil fuels will put Volvo Trucks Umeå on the map of innovative pace-setters.”

Umeå municipality’s eco-award was inaugurated in 2000. This year the jury received 10 proposals for evaluation. The award totals 10,000 Swedish kronor.

December 19, 2006

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